"" Being Bracco: Middle Of The Work Week And What I Wear


Middle Of The Work Week And What I Wear

Well this is something very new I am doing today and even more awkward.

I apologize in advance for my lack of professional modeling skills and I a big thank you for my wonderful hubby for being such a good sport and serving as my awesome photographer for this amateur fashion session.

Check out that front door action eh??  We had construction workers still working across the street so I wouldn't go any further.  I think the porch topiaries still give it that "pretty" touch.

It's a Wednesday, a work day, and this is my attire.  
I love pairing grays with brown tones and the ruffly white top gives me my extra touch of girly.

Excuse the runaway bang... The hubby took about 5 of this same pose and with the crazy wind, this is the best shot out of all of them.  
These boots are probably the most favored pair in my closet.  Love the color, comfortable enough to be in all day, but still has that cute little heel. 

Blazer - Lauren Conrad from Kohl's.
Top - Kohl's (a couple seasons ago).
Skinny Jeans - Old Navy.
Boots - JCPenny (a couple years ago).
Bracelet - Cookie Lee Jewelry (ordered at a party years ago).

So there you have it!  My first outfit post.  Hope I wasn't too much of an eye sore for ya!  Enjoyed sharing and can't wait to share more "post worthy" pieces. 

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  1. GREAT outfit, homie;) and love that bracelet! You reminded me that I have that same one!!!

  2. Cuteness. :) Your newest follower!