Sunday, March 1, 2015

Styled: Hat Wear

What better way to start baseball season, then with a baseball hat ensemble?  We are so looking forward to visiting more of AT&T Park and cheering on our Giants this year!
I got this baseball hat last year and I'm kind of disappointed in myself that I haven't worn it more.  Perfect for those weekend days you just feel like throwing a hat on your head, but being as dressy/cute as a fedora...and fedoras are going to be seen a lot this Summer.

This sweatshirt is also so comfy and has become another member of my sweatshirt addiction club in my closet.  How are sweatshirts not the perfect thing to throw on?  It's also actually from the men's section.  I just couldn't get over how much I love the color blocking details, so I tried an xsmall and was so happy to find it fit great!

Hope you all enjoy the start to your week!


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Friday, February 27, 2015

Weekly Style: Through The Phone Lately...

Shirt (Old Navy last year) // Jeans // Loafers

Chambray Shirt // Black Jeans // Booties (Old Navy last year ) - Similar here

Transitional weather.....bleh.  But at least it's enough warmth to start wearing lighter pieces and something other than thick socks and boots.  This weekend, I've decided to take full advantage of the fact that we will be rained in all weekend and do a major closet organizing overhaul.  No, I am not getting rid of more items I don't wear (again)...I'm proud to say I utilize all the pieces in my closet, thank you... But I think organizing by seasons would be so much more helpful.  There are also some attic organizing that needs to be done and a couple fun DIY house stuff that I know the Mr. will be thrilled to get started on...(holding up sarcasm sign).

Also, another trick I am going to try, and one I urge you all to try, is flipping all of my hangers over to face the other way in my closet. By the end of each season (I say a 6 month period even), any hanger that is still facing the opposite way means it hasn't been worn at all in those 6 months and it's time to donate or get rid of that particular item.  That's one way to help clear up a closet.

What fun weekend plans do you have this weekend?


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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Boots With The Fur

Dress // Fur Vest - Similar Here
Boots - Similar Here & Here // Leggings 

I think the only reason that I'm sad the weather is getting warmer is because it means my new favorite vest won't be able to come out and play again until Fall.  I can't get enough of it.  So of course, when I knew I'd be going to be apart of a bachelorette wine tasting outing in February, I knew this vest had to be apart of the ensemble.
It ended up being a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine, so I'm happy I wore short sleeves, but was still prepared for the end of Winter weather with the leggings and boots.

This tee dress will also be seeing a lot of Spring and Summer.  I can't express enough how comfortable and perfect it is for warmer months, or layering with a vest/jacket, boots, and leggings for those not so cold, but not so warm days.  I love it so much so, that two other colors in this dress had to be apart of my closet also.


Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 7 of 52

The week started out with a nice 3 day weekend...for everyone else.  I was one of the few who doesn't have President's Day off...womp womp.  But I didn't let working Monday get in the way from still planning an afternoon movie date with my sister in law Shana and friend Sarah.  I will give you 2 guesses on what we went to go see.....

Whew...... Talk about 50 Shades of intense!  It's a good thing our movie theater serves alcohol, because a glass of wine was a must to watch that movie.  I have read the books and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at how well they adapted it into a movie.  Casting was great and the story had me captivated all over again like I was reading the book.  Have you seen it yet?

The rest of the week was pretty low key since I knew I'd have a busy weekend ahead.  The typical mid week shows and snuggles on the couch with the Mr. and our furry loves.

Saturday, it was up bright and early to head up to the cutest town, Murphys, for a day of wine tasting for friend  Ashley's bachelorette party.

This place is beyond adorable.  One main street all lined with shops and about 20 different wine tasting rooms.  It was such a fun day to celebrate the bride to be with one great group of ladies.  They put together such an amazing weekend!
But don't let these nice/mello pictures fool was a bachelorette party after all and with that comes some fun.  We had the bride do a scavenger hunt and I'll just let you guess what some of the things were on the list based from some of the photos...

I'd say this week was an awesome girls themed week for sure!

Happy Monday!


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Friday, February 20, 2015

Guest Bathroom Updates

Like I said, we aren't wasting anytime in 2015 and the house project list has already started.  For some of the items, it's as simple as waiting for better weather or not so simple as moola.  But either way, progress is progress no matter the pace.  (guess I am learning patience in my older age...maybe)
One space that got touched up recently was the guest bathroom.  As weird as it sounds, I felt like it didn't really "flow" with the rest of the house.  It had a dark shower curtain and dark accents.  For such a small space, it needed to be lightened up a bit.

I thought a more modern beachy theme would not only lighten up the space ad flow, but also remind us of a little piece of the beach in Hawaii where we got married.  A lot of white, wood, and wicker textures were brought together to give this room a little update.

I still feel like I may add a white coral shell piece or a small palm leaf plant of some kind for some more color.  I also had to incorporate one of our beachy wedding pictures in the space.  The shower curtain was a simple update.  I just went with pain white.  Simplistic, yet brightens the bathroom up a great deal.

The towel baskets still remain on the wall across from the sink vanity.  Perfect pairing of decor and functionality.

This photo on the adjacent wall had me hooked the moment I saw it.  The most serene beachy picture with amazing colors to brighten this space up.  Something about looking at that picture always has me wishing I was under that umbrella in a bikini with a cold drink in my hand.


Baskets - Here
Umbrella Photo - Here
Large White Frame - Here
Small White Frame - Here
Soap Dispenser & Finger Towel Tray - Here
Large Starfish - Here

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Business Casual

This is my kind of everyday, business casual work wear.  If it says we can wear work appropriate jeans?  Well you can totally bet that jeans are pretty much apart of my everyday work attire.  What's even better is a pair of super comfortable boyfriend jeans to get you through those long work days.  Dress up the comfy with a great turtleneck and blazer and I'm good to go for any day of the work week.
These flats though...I got this black pair and a nude pair for Christmas and I don't think I will ever be turning back.  They are made by Yosi Samra and the fact that they come in the smallest box possible makes you wonder how comfortable these flats can actually be.  Well let me tel you...I have the worst flat feet possible and I can wear these aaaaall day long.  Feels like you're wearing a pair of slippers, but with the right amount of support on the top and bottom parts of your feet.  I can't wait to add more colors of these to my closet.

Happy Hump Day!


Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 6 of 52

Though Valentine's Day was this past weekend and I'm pretty sure that falls in the month of February...we were having anything but February-like weather.  72-75 degrees and absolutely beautiful!  Which also means the gorgeous almond blossoms are starting to sprout. :)

We still took it easy during the week, as the Mr. was still carrying a mean cough from his week with pneumonia.  But I still managed to get out for a girls Pampered Chef night (cause who doesn't need new super duper silicon pot holders??) and we still took advantage of the sunshine by short neighborhood walks with Bella Bear.
Aaron isn't good at waiting til the day of for gifts, so I got to open my Valentine's Day gift a day early.  He got me the sweetest card and went more practical this year with an iTunes gift card, since he knows I've been wanting to add more music to my library.  We tend to keep Valentine's Day small since our anniversary is only a couple weeks after.  When he woke up Saturday morning, these were waiting for him...

These are the large craft beer bottles and he got a total of four, but they had the same two labels.  He absolutely loved them.  He likes to treat himself every now and then to nice brews.

Later that day, we headed out to the in laws house for a BBQ to celebrate my mother in law's and nephew's birthdays that are both within the next week or two.  It was such a beautiful day to be outside and enjoy the weather and the company.

Love this handsome man of mine.

Yeah...and the adults always end up having some fun.  When the nephew is all done with his cart rides, it's time for the sister in law and I to hop on and take a cruise.  The men were a bit worried, but only after running over one flower bed, we were good to go! 

How pretty were the table settings?  My mother in law always knows how to make an occasion special for us...and we got to take one of those beauties home!

Celebrating someone turning the big FIVE on the 25th... my goodness...when did he go from baby to big boy so fast?

Sunday is our normal down day...besides groceries and laundry...the rest of the weekend pretty much looked like this..

That's real life around here for us.  Someone please call the ASPCA, as this dog is living in the most atrocious living conditions.

I hope you all had a great week and weekend celebrating Valentine's Day!


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