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Week of Wear

It's Friday, the weather is looking nothing but sunny and I am ready to enjoy it! 
Plus, we plan to hibernate with a list of our favorite junk food and cheer on our orange crush for Superbowl Sunday.  I don't know what I'm more excited for honestly....because it's been a hot minute since I scarfed down half a pizza and this weight challenge monster in me is starting to rear is hungry head.
So now that you have a good mental picture of me in a pizza staind shirt and stretchy pants for some part of this weekend, here is a look at some of my outfits from this week.

Sweatshirt // Jeans - Similar // Sneakers

This was my casual Sunday style outfit.  I wear these sneakers all the time around town or just hanging outside.  I have this sweatshirt in 2 colors and definitely want to add more.  It is beyond comfy and perfect for errand around town or around the house.

This tunic is my absolute favorite right now!  I have to keep reminding myself not to go to it all the time in my closet and give my other tops a wear. ;)  I like to change it up and add a vest over it to give it some texture.

Striped Swing Dress - Old Navy (sold out) - Similar // Boots - old - Similar // Necklace - Similar

Happy Weekend friends!


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Chicken And Veggie Stir Fry

Another easy and equally healthy dinner option I am loving lately.
I find it harder for myself to stay on a cleaner eating track during the week when I get bored of the same old meals.  I'm definitely making it a point to take the time to find the easy and better choice meals.
That's where this chicken and veggie stir fry recipe checks all the musts off the dinner list!


- Cut up chicken breast
- Cut up veggies of choice
I use bell peppers, broccoli, onion, and carrots
- 1 tbsp of cornstarch
- 1 tsp of rice vinegar
- 1/4 cup of soy sauce
- 1/2 cup of chicken broth
- 1 tbsp of minced garlic

What you do

- In a small separate bowl, mix the cornstarch, vinegar, soy sauce, broth, and garlic and whisk together for the stir fry sauce.  Set aside.

- Add a tbsp of oil and cook chicken in skillet thoroughly.  

- Put chicken in separate bowl while you cook the veggies.

- Once veggies are cooked, add back in the chicken and pour the sauce over chicken and veggies in the skillet.  Heat for an additional 3-5 minutes

- Serve over rice, quinoa, or just eat it plain!





Pinspiration Via:  Sofis Snapshots

I looooove white for Winter...but white on white for Winter....love even more!
It's sets such a bright wintery feel tone that I want to wear all season long.
Nobody worry, I steer clear of the dogs intrusive, dirty nose and keep my Tide pen close when I wear this outfit.  

I've also found my new favorite sweater.  That I want in everything single color it comes in!  THE softest material, so roomy, and perfect for any outfit style.  I see some leather leggings in my closet that want to be paired with this white sweater for a date night out. ;)

Even though the Spring arrivals are giving me a thirst for bright colors and sandals, I'm still lusting over some white sweaters for this season.  Something so classic for this season, yet can have their own flair of patterns or, my favorite, fringe.  #hearteyes
Here are a few more white sweaters that have been on my radar lately...


DIY "XOXO" Banner

Happy 1st of February friends!
I wasn't even waiting for the weekend to be over to start getting out all the cutesy Valentine's Day decor out and around the house.
There was a couple things I wanted to add and a banner saying was definitely one of them.  I don't what it is, but I love a good banner when it comes to a holiday decor touch.  Also, I don't consider a very creative person, even though I give it my best go.  But attempting to do some crafts have left me just about pulling all my hair out and crying into a glass of wine.
However, I seem to have the banner thing figured out.  What's there to figure out really.  But I just figured it to be the right kinda craft for me. 

I found these great stencils at Hobby Lobby that are the perfect letter size for a word banner.  I trace them backwards on the back of some good card stock paper.  I found this super glittery gold paper at Michaels that I just couldn't pass up.

Once all traces, I hole punched and fed some yard through. 

Tied it to the mantle and layered with some other favorite garlands to use for Valentine's Day. 

So easy.  My kind of crafting.

What's a a favorite craft of yours to do?


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Home Office Tour

Metals Baskets - From Target's $3 Bin!  Similar here

DIY Pound & At Symbols Post - Here

I found this marquee "B" letter at an antique store when I was out and about one day.  I thought it would be perfect for a large wall space we had on our back patio.  However, it didn't quite fill the space like we wanted it too.  Once I got the calendar, I thought of the perfect space for it.

Probably my statement piece of the office.  I've been lusting after this calendar for over a year and love how huge it is!  Perfect for the large wall above my computer desk!

It has taken about two years, but I feel like this little space of mine is finally complete!  Functional for storage, yet carries the style I was looking for.  I comtemplated adding a cute gold lamp or some greenery for estetic purposes, but the empy space on my desk is properly used and needed for my camera when I edit photos, to use as writing space, and for my wine glass #ofcourse.  So I didn't want to add something there just because or just for looks, knowing that I would constantly be moving it out of the way to use the desk space.  So...empty it stays.
The hat wall is my other favorite focal point of the room.  It adds a great touch of personal decor, yet it serves as a much needed storage space. Win, win.

I enjoy this space so much and love that I have a styled space to retreat too when I blog or just want some time to space out on the computer for a while.  :)

See the office space inspiration here and progress here!

It has come a long way!



Black and Camel

Pinspiration Via: Pink Peonies

I turn to Pinterest every almost everyday for outfit inspiration.  I love finding great ways to put together pieces I already own to create numerous different looks.
So I thought I would start a fun new Pinsperation series where I share some of my favorite Pinspired looks that I love to recreate from my own closet.
What's great about using Pinterest as my own personal stylist is being able to use pieces in so many more ways than I thought possible!  And what's the point of inspiration if it isn't shared?  

Black and camel is not a color combination I would choose a few years ago.  Actually, I thought the two colors were a "fashion fopa" together.  But the more I mix the two, the more I am loving the color scheme!

How much do you look to Pinterest for outfit inspiration?



Valentine Favorites

All the Valentine's day releases is just feeding my red obsession.  My eyes are drawn to everything red lately and I think the impending holiday just makes me focus on it even more.  To me, it's that great pop of color that looks good with everything and on everyone.
But can we also talk pops of pink??
How adorable is that faux fur pillow?!
I want need it.
I've been looking for light little pink/blush touches to add to the living room to lighten it up a bit for Spring.  The husband says absolutely not, but maybe...just maybe, I can convince him a pillow here or framed art there wouldn't stand out too much.
The pink is also a must have for nails.  For Valentine's Day or into the Spring.  Any shade just carries over so nicely.

What's your favorite must have piece and/or color for Valentine's Day?