Monday, November 24, 2014

Black Friday Wishlist

Nothing gets me more hyped that good sales.  Like, really, really good sales.  This where the best shopping week of the year to score some sweet deals enter:  Black Friday.
I used to be one of those who would brave the nasty crowds and cold to physically shop around from Midnight til about 5:00 am on Black Friday.  My sister in law would cut and sort our coupons, we'd have breakfast was a whole to do for us.  But then the crowds finally pissed us off for the last time and we realized that we scored even better deals and actually found most of what was on our list online. You will also find that online, stores will release their Black Friday deals early.  
So my list has already been structured and I'm ready to score online for some Black Friday shopping.

Some brands on my list that are having some sweet deals include:

Old Navy - 50% off the entire store!

J.Crew - 30% off your entire purchase with code: GETFESTIVE.

GAP - 50% off!

J.Crew Factory - 60% off of everything, plus, an additional 15% off for every $75 you spend, or an additional 20% off for every $125 you spend with code:  NOCROWDS

Madewell - 20% off your purchase with code:  YOURGIFT

Urban Outfitters - I obsess over their socks and with keeping par for all the awesome deals this week, they are all 2 for $22!  Time for me to stock up to keep these feet cozy.

But most of all, I'm mostly looking forward to some deep fried turkey and a 4 day weekend this week!

What are some things on your Black Friday list?  Are you an overnight camper or a computer shopper in your pjs?

Friday, November 21, 2014

Holiday Fun For The Pet Lover

I think by now it's kind of obvious that around here we are a little obsessed with our animals.  Most wouldn't think it's funny, or take pictures when your cat gets in the donut box on the counter to help herself.  Nor would they have the patience and giggles for an hour to try and convince your 80 lb. German Shepherd how it's a good idea for her to go lay on her bed for the night and not take up Mommy and Daddy's.  I have a million and one pictures and videos of them on our phone and they are ridiculously spoiled with treats and toys.  So when we get excited about the holidays rolling around, we get our two furry kiddos in on the excitement as well.  It is the holidays after all.

Yeah, you bet those two are going to be sporting some holiday swag this year.  They torture us on the daily, so the least they can do is make us happy during festive times.  Plus, neither of them put up a fuss when we put something on them, so I think they secretly like it.
They can't deny for one second that they love this time of year as much as we do.  Lacey gets her ONE small piece of turkey on Thanksgiving and Bella might get a couple.  Lacey makes a temporary bed underneath the Christmas tree the whole month of December and Bella gets yelled at for trying to squeeze herself underneath the tree to be with her.  They also both have their own stockings that gets filled on Christmas Eve.  These have become tradition around our house.

So for you pet lovers out there, how much do you get your furry ones involved during the holidays?  Do you give them special treats or dress them in festive gear?

Less than a week to Turkey Day, then let the Christmas splendor begin! 
Happy Friday to you all!


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tut Tut

Boot Socks // Umbrella - Similar

 I am LOVING that we have rainy weather!  Says the person living in a drought for the past year.  For reals though, it's not just for the welfare of our state, but also for the cozy feeling of rainy weather and rainy weather wear...obviously.  I want to go as bold as saying I wouldn't totally mind living in a rainy state like Washington or parts of Oregon, but this California girl won't go that far just yet.  She will take her increments of this weather where she gets it for now.

Boot socks with the Hunters?  Yes please!  How much warmer I stay and love how they peek out above the boot.
Also, another puffer vest?  Why are you so surprised?  Gimme a puffer vest any day of the cold weather season week and I'm a happy camper.  I pretty much could pair a puffer vest with anything I have in my closet and I'm sure I will prove more of that to you as the season continues.
With all the hecticness going on at work and the busy weekends, I feel like November has flown by!  Which is quite alright with me, seeing as how we have some Christmas decor out already and we are already in our festive holiday moods.  We even added on our big puffy winter duvet underneath our bedspread, the nights have gotten that cold.  Yay for Winter coming around the corner!

So tell me, are you a rainy day kind of person?


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Holiday Bucket List

I thought I'd be good at not bringing the Christmas decorations out until the day after Thanksgiving. However, sometimes, you're just filled with the festive mode and find yourself down the gorgeousness that is the Christmas isles at Target.  Or your husband goes to Lowe's for a light bulb and comes home with another Christmas tree for your living room.  Shit happens.  So it's safe to say a tree or red ornament or 12 have been already brought out.  I can't help it.  I already have everything mapped out of how we will spend our holiday season once we guzzle down all that turkey and roll into the month of December.

1.  Attend our town's Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

2.  Celebrate the Mr.'s 32nd birthday.

3.  Have numerous amounts of yummy Fireball Eggnog.

4.  Send out Christmas cards to friends and family.

5.  Have baking day to make all of our favorites:  candy cane shaped, sugar frosted, snicker doodle, and pecan ball cookies.

6.  Have a full Christmas movie marathon day.

7.  Drink mostly from our festive moose mugs..."You serious Clark?"

8.  Wrap Christmas presents in all their glory and stuff stockings for the Mr. and our furry ones too.

9.  Always have our favorite holiday scented candles going and plug ins full.  We don't a minute wasted of our home not smelling that Christmas.  Everywhere.

10.  Open up new Christmas pj's on Christmas Eve.  It's a tradition I've had ever since I was young that I'm carrying over into our house.  Who doesn't love new pjs for Christmas?

I love spreading the festive fun and plan to share more with you as we get further into the holiday season!
Yes, this would be said tree that found its way in our home to bring the tree count up to thrice...Aaron has a wee one in his office....and duh its already up.  It's freakin adorable!

What are some of the things you are looking forward to most on your holiday bucket list??


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pj's. All Day.

It's no secret that I love my comfy clothes.  About .5 seconds after I get home from work, the comfys get put on.  If I could, I'd even wear them to work.  Thank goodness for weekends and days off where it doesn't matter what you're wearing because most of the time, I never put anything else on.

Slippers are definitely a must since my feet are a pair of friggin icicles all. the. time. and nothing ruins your warm groove more, than a certain puppy needing to go potty in the cold and putting bare feet or thin layered sock feet on cold ass cement.  A cozy sweatshirt is also perfect to wear around during this time of year without getting too warm in the house, but keeping you warm for animal potty breaks or walks to the mailbox.  My neighbors get to see the best of me.
I've become a recent fanatic of the legging pjs.  The tightness around the ankles help keep me warmer.  I have no idea why this wasn't thought of before.  My looser pj pants tend to crawl up my leg while I sleep, mostly because I sleep like a crazy person, and it would wake me up cause I'd be freezing from the knee down.  

So this is what you can find me in anytime I'm not at work or an event that requires real pants.  With a cup of coffee or glass of wine in my to a fire, or watching my favorite Hallmark holiday  movies.  I love this time of year where all you do is curl up in a cozy ball underneath a warm blanket...What a glorious time of year it is indeed.

What are some of your favorite comfy cozy pieces?


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Weekly Style: Through The Phone Lately...


Gimme, gimme all that comes with cool weather and actual RAIN!
It says on the forecast that this dry land of ours is going to have rain all next week and we couldn't be more excited.  I'll spare you the outfit pictures for that one and just tell you they will most likely involve no other foot wear but rain boots everyday. However, when it's not raining, you can bet I'll be in my new favorite red sneaks most of the time.  Total cuteness and super comfort!  I think the black pair may find their way in my closet soon.

Besides the clothing aspect, everything else I love about this time of year is coming into play as well.  Starbucks officially has their joyful, red holiday cups out and we hit up Bath and Body works during their sale for our favorite holiday scents.  The ingredients for our favorite holiday drink, Fireball Eggnog, were purchased this weekend....along with holiday beer sampler packs and a box of holiday limited edition fudge covered Ritz crackers.  Yeah, you can say our "being good during the holidays" has already gone out the window...and it isn't even Thanksgiving yet.

What are some pieces from your closet that get most wear this time of year?


Friday, November 7, 2014

Let It Be Fall

November is beginning to look pretty sweet indeed.  The temperatures have dropped and it is finally feeling like Fall in California.  Even though Winter is right around the corner, we are soaking up all that Fall has to offer.
Though we have been stocking up on fun Christmas items and have been itching to turn the house into a Winter wonderland, we are forcing ourselves to slow it down enjoy the holiday in between where the food is amazing and the parades are entertaining.  Good 'ole turkey day!  Plus, Fall colors are so pretty to have around the house.

And pumpkins of course.  Pumpkins everywhere.  It's still not Fall without loads of pumpkins.  Say pumpkins one more time...pumpkins.

The date has been marked on the calendar to snag my favorite pecan pie from the bakery as soon as they are released before they all sell out and a new deep fryer was purchased this week with all the necessities for making a stellar deep fried turkey this year.  Probably my most favorite part of Thanksgiving.  I can imagine the day now, after probably another turkey cleaning debacle...cause we all know how much I love sticking my hand up a raw birds ass... we will be chowing down on our yearly favorites with sweet cinnamon pumpkin candles and the fireplace burning in the background.

On the fireplace note, lately, Bella has been acting like she's never in her life seen a fireplace turn on before.  We have an electric fireplace, so from the minute we turn on the switch to wait for the flame to come on, she starts crying and running around the sitting room.  Totally freaking out like a psycho person.  I don't know what her deal is, but I blame only us...spoiled rotten turned neurotic.  

Hope November has been just as good to you all so far!
Happy Friday!