Summer Boho

Top // Shorts (AE last year) - Similar here // Sandals - Similar here

I've come to be drawn more to flowy tops this season.  For one, with the right kind of light fabric, they are way cooler than wearing a cotton tank that clings to every speck of sweat in this 108 heat.(that's right, I said 108...as in degrees)
I also feel like it's actually more flattering feeling/looking.  That could be my carb feigning alter ego talking when she doesn't feel her flattest.
When I saw the adorable feminine detail of this top, I scooped it up during a great Loft 60% off sale.  Trust me when I say that if you wait for their 50-60% sales, you can score some fabulous items at Loft for a steal!

Tomorrow is my birthday and as my first order of business as a 28 year old, I plan on my birthday latte from Starbucks, mimosas (I mean, breakfast), and then pedicures with girlfriends!  Later, I'll let my husband do what he does best in wine and dining me.



Week 29 of 52

Getting back into the swing of things this past week doesn't go too well when you get a cold that knocks you down for a few days.  


Who gets a cold in the middle of Summer??

Hence the radio silence a bit last week.

I even had plans this weekend to attend a Boston and REO Speedwagon concert up in our little piece of wine country and had to sell my ticket at the last minute.
So nothing too exciting to report other than watching a lot of 80's movies and doing shots of NyQuil.

Sunday was looking better and we spent some of the morning out on the back patio, with drinks, and house dreaming about projects on our to do list.

But today officially kicks of my birthday week!

We plan on celebrations all weekend.
Cheers to that and happy Monday friends!


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Instagram Roundup

Pool lounging and sangria drinking.

Koozie game strong.  We literally have a drawer in our kitchen just for koozies.  Koozies are my weakness.  I want to collect them all!

Not wanting to get out of comfy clothes or stop drinking all the iced coffee after my first fair weekend.

 Hat // Shirt // Jeans 

I'm not real big on ice cream in general.  But give me a hot day and there better be a Drumstick waiting for me in the freezer.  The chocolate waiting for me at the bottom of the cone is my favorite.
 I hoard all home decor catalogs.  I'm always looking for interior inspiration.

How can an Insta roundup be complete without a picture of my favorites?

Giving my girl Helene a shout out for the #31photosinbetween challenge this month.  What a great way to get some creative juices flowing and interact with fellow IG'ers.

Be sure to follow along here!



Week 28 of 52

I'd like to point out 3 very important things:
1.  The 10 day fair run is officially ova.
2.  Thank goodness for booze and the fact that I don't deal with the general public for my day job.
3. My birthday is in 11 days!

Let me sum up everyday of this past week for you...
We went to bed super late.  Tried to get as much sleep as we could.  Tried not to live on fair food  everyday.  Repeat for 9 days.

It looked a little bit like this...

A little like this...

And a little like this...

I know, but please try not to envy this glamour too much.

I kid.

In all honesty, I'm actually glad to do it.  This is the Mr.'s craziest/busiest time of year and anything I can do that will help him and the company out to make sure things go smooth, I'll do.

Glad to be back to the grind and in office routine again.

Happy Monday!


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DIY Gold Pound & At Symbols

It's about time I gave some attention back into my office.  I started working on it last year and when the holiday season hit, it was put on the creative back burner until this year.

My first main objective was to organize and style my large bookshelf.  It was just a cluster of books and random crap I set on the shelves.  Once I got the books all laid out, the next part was deciding what to put between them.  I have baskets in my smaller cube shelf, so I didn't want to go on basket overload.  Yet, I was torn on what to put.  Then Target saves the day, once again, when I was wandering through their craft area and stumbled upon all their wood letters and paint.  Once I saw these wooden symbols, I knew exactly where they were going to go.  I picked up some gold paint and a sponge brush to go along with them, and voila!  A perfect craft night project.

Paint was found at Target also.

I'm so pleased with how they turned out and that they are the perfect touch to my bookshelf.

I working on a few more touches around my office to finally "complete" it and then I can't wait to share the space with you all!

Home decor is a slow and steady process.  

Just wish my patience had the same process.



Off The Shoulder

White Top (an extra 60% through today only!) // Shorts

My mother in law started calling me "the bag lady" and I think she may start to have a point there...
Yes, I am running out of closet space.  Yes, I've completely taken over the top most shelf of our master closet with totes bags.  But I can't help it!  There are cute bags and totes everywhere this season!  So when something with pom poms and fun colors is dancing at me, it comes home with me.  

These style shorts are also everything during this hot Summer.  Best 5 inches ever...because we don't need any sneak peeks at a Bracco booty at almost the age of 28, athankyouverymuch.

Let's not forget how jealous I am that you can score this top for only $16 through today!!  Lightweight and oh so adorable for Summer.  I got it in black too because...ya know...it just needed me too.



Week 27 of 52

I'm really not even sure which end is up today.
I'm pooped.
And it's only Monday.

(cue the world's smallest violin)

This past week began the busiest 10 days of the year for us.  
Fair season.
Only 7 more days to go.

So excuse me for my lack of...well...pretty much everything over the next week.

Before the fair kicked off Friday night, we spent our week preparing (hello, hardly any blog posts last week) and I was in charge of my company BBQ baseball game.  That's always a highlight of the year to get all my co workers and their families together to enjoy some BBQ and single A baseball.

Aaron and I only got a good 'ole fashioned selfie for the entire evening...so we made it count.

I can't promise that this week is going to be anymore exciting...just very scheduled.

Now if you would excuse me, I have a gallon of coffee to consume.
My contribution to society depends on it.

Happy Monday friends!

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