Thursday, September 18, 2014

Instagram Photo Garland

The office is coming along slowly but surely....
At a molasses pace really.
But making some progress nonetheless.

I'm just happy to have a place to come sit and jot down what's going on in this 100 mph noggin of mine.
I'm really only a few touches away from my office being "complete" in my mind, but the glory of it all is any little idea can be quite the change to any space.  Hence why our house seems to always have slight adjustments here and there on the continuum.

Moving along to the most current addition to my office space...

I love taking pictures and because of that, I love having photos we have taken all around the house.  To me it adds your own personal character to any space and wonderful memories are there to grace you with their presence every day.  I just feel they aren't meant to be shoved in a box somewhere or stored on a hard drive.
So I knew in my office I wanted plenty of my favorite pictures.  When I got to looking through what some of my favy pictures were, I realized that quite a bit were from my Instagram account (@bribracco).  So that gave me the idea to print off some of my favorite Instagram photos to put up in my office.

I used Printstagram, which was super easy to navigate to select and print the photos I wanted.  There are other great sites like Origrami and Blurb to print Instagram pictures as well.

It was as easy as having them printed, hanging the string of your choice (I used some leftover jute I had from a previous project), and finding some cute clothespins to attach the pictures to the string.

For reals though...who doesn't want a picture of their fat ass cat drinking out of the toilet above their computer everyday?

I think it gives the office that personal touch I was looking for...not that I am not looking forward to the other touches I plan to add soon, but this feels more like "my" space now.

Can't wait to have this pace complete and share more with you soon!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Embroidered Swing Dress

Dress (ASOS - Sold out) - Similar here, here, here, and here
Clutch // Booties - Similar here and here

An embroidered dress was on my wish list for quite sometime and this one is the perfect addition to the closet.  What's great is that it goes with booties, sandals, or a jean jacket when the night's get a little cooler.  The color is perfect for Summer or even for Fall because California doesn't seem to be getting cooler any time soon.
Maybe if I chant "puffer vest" three times in a Winifred Sanderson sort of way...a cold front will start to form.....
Oh Halloween how I am so excited for you......

Back to the dress.
Though I am absolutely smitten, it is evident that the Mr. and I don't always have the same fashion sense.  When this dress first came, I tried it on with my normal excitement, came out to show the Mr. and his literal reaction was, "Why do you want to wear a moo?".
That didn't change my love for it any less and he still had to take pictures of me in it, so...jokes on him.

Having a great week so far?
I sure hope so!


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Monday, September 15, 2014

It'll Grow Back... what I told myself about 1,000 times over when it first happened.

I realized last week that I never shared our little experience from last month that shook our little world...
(please note that I am purposefully being over dramatic and a little bit sarcastic...I know there are far, far worse things.)

Bella got a bad haircut.

And I mean bad.  Like, "Who's dog is this?!" bad.

She goes in for a good grooming about every 3 months.  Teeth cleaned, undercoat thinned out, ears clean, and a little trim around the face and feet here and there.  It's been like this at the same exact place for almost two years now.  But apparently, someone at the dog grooming place must have gotten tired of our boring way we like to keep our dog groomed and decided to change it up a bit without our permission.  She went from this image of pure fluffy preciousness...

To this...

What in the?!  Who the?!  She looks malnourished!!  Like she went away for the Biggest Loser or something!!  It wasn't even nicely cut either...all hacked up in places and her tail was short up top and kept long at the bottom, so it look pinched.  She looked like flippin coyote!  I was fuming and naturally wanted to call and speak to the manager right away.  The Mr. took a different route...didn't say a word and bought her a whole bunch of new toys and treats cause he felt so bad for her.  Maybe I should get a bad haircut......I do want a new pair of shoes................
..........but I digress.....

I get on the phone and listed all the reasons why double coated dogs should not be cut short and blah, blah, educate your groomers, blah, blah.  He said her file was noted the same every time she came in to get groomed and today his groomer just "did something different".  Oh really?  "Something different"?  Ok, well I of course did the most logical thing any pissed off fur mom would do..........
I told him we'd never come back to his store again, searched all over our town for new places to buy our pet products, told everyone I know not to go there, and curse that place under my breath every time I drive by there.

Don't mess with my baby and her beautiful furry coat.
Luckily, it is growing back and much quicker than I anticipated, but I am still traumatized it happened to her, even though she had absolutely no clue what was going on... It may take a few months and a lot of searching to find a new groomer.

Lesson learned from this experience:
It is just hair and it will grow back......
and threaten the next groomer that if she cuts her hair short, they will get the same hair cut.

Have you ever had a bad hair cut experience of any kind?


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Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Confessions

As Joey would say to a hot chick on Friends, I say to you Friday.... "How you doin?" 

I'm sitting here trying to keep my eyes open.  It's definitely going to be an early bedtime tonight.  
The only thing keeping me basically awake is, ok yeah obviously work, but mainly the fact that one of my best friends is having a baby right now!!!  My phone is by my side waiting for text that she is finally here!
While I'm sharing, here are a few more things I'm willing to confess...

- The main reason I'm so tired today is because we actually set our alarms for midnight to pre order the iPhone 6.  I know...we're those nutty people.  But this pretty gold babe will be at my doorstep by next week!

- We went to dinner last night to celebrate a friend's birthday.  It's the best place called Rivets with a rustic/Americana theme and last night they had a live band....I'd be lying if I didn't feel the slightest bit bad for my husband while I was shouting along to Sweet Caroline.  It was a blast

- Our Halloween costumes are in the mail!  Hey, at least that's the next closest holiday... I'm so excited and can't wait to share our costumes.

- Ok, you know I can't keep my holidays in order, so we finished getting the last touches of our outside Christmas decorations this week too.  Just call us holiday prepared.

- We also started and almost finished our Christmas shopping.  It's such a hassle to worry about all that with the hussle and bussle of the holiday season going on around you.  We would much rather sit back and enjoy it.

-  I'm still pretty lazy about the whole gym thing...and now I've gained 4 lbs. since last week.  Ouchcabible. 

- I'm a little more at ease that Bella's hair is starting to grow back faster than I thought..........and now I think I'm confessing that I don't think I've ever shared that story.....stay tuned to next week.  My crazy dog mom antics continue.

Cheers to the weekend my friends!


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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Varsity Striped

Varsity Stripe Tee - J.Crew Factory (sold out) - Similar // Boyfriend Shorts - Similar
Sandals (on sale now!) // Bag // Sunglasses - Similar

Ok...I'm gunna call it like it is.....

It's football season!  Nothing says game day ready, or weekend ready for that matter, than a classic varsity striped tee.  I think I am going to go as bold as saying I love a good varsity stripe as much as I love a good baseball tee.  This tee is the perfect light cotton to help get through that iffy transition stage of Summer to Fall.

And let's please talk about these sandals for a minute.  Oh...mylanta....I'm in l-o-v-e.  The metallic is perfect for a little foot wear pop.  Now, they are 100% flat, which is perfect for me and my Pes Planus (the fancy term I like to use for my flat ass feet).  So I could walk in these all day and be comfy.  I just wish I would have found them sooner because I want to scoop up the brown and black pair too, but with their awesome sale going on right now, my size has been out of stock.  

What is one of your game day/weekend wears?

Hope you all are enjoying your week!


Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Musings

I can finally start to feel the seasonal shift all around and that gets me even more revved up for Fall than I was before!  Pumpkin flavors, Fall catalogs, and the beginning of football season!  How 'bout them Broncos with their first official w-i-n yesterday?  31 to 24!  Gotta love it...and here are few more numbers I enjoyed this weekend...

40 -
Pumpkins!  The first official bin of pumpkins was out for purchase at our local grocery store this weekend.

One -
Flat tire the Mr. had to change for me.  I have the worst luck with tires for some reason.  I promise not all of it has to do with the way I drive.  

3 -
Times I had pizza as a meal this week.  This is real life.

120 - 
Raffle tickets we purchased at our Family's car show on Saturday.  Anything for charity.........or a new flat screen TV...

Zero - 
The number of flat screen TV's we won.

50 -
Times this song looped on repeat.  Let's just say it's a new fav.

Six -
Pack purchased of my all time favorite seasonal beer.  I don't know why I just bought six...I know I'll be back for more for the next three months.  Oh how I wish this was out all year round.


How was your weekend??


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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Craving Fall

Yeah, I know....It's still creeping up into the 100's here in good 'ole Cali, but I've got nothing but Fall and all things that come with it on the brain.

These are a few pieces in particular that have caught my eye that need to apart of my forever Fall wardrobe.

This color palette though...something about a nice olive tone and leopard print together that make me swoon every time.  It just speaks "Fall" to me..ok, more like screams it.  These colors can easily be switched the other way too.  Olive pants, a black hoodie, brown booties and same leopard accents.  This henley hoodie comes in many different colors and is that perfect light piece for layering with a cute vest in colder months.  Leopard is one of those accent pieces that will always be in trend and that makes me happy cause leopard accents make me happy.
I've also fallen into a little bootie obsession this year and I'm not one to really obsess too much over shoes, but this year, shoes are somehow finding their way home to me.  Like this pair that is en route as well speak and this lace up pair that I can't get off of my mind.

I see many of cooler days spent in light hoodies, booties, and cute beanies with a hot Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand.  I'll be your poster girl for Fall. 

What are some of your favorite Fall colors?!