Thursday, March 26, 2015

Loving Lately: Shorts

Give me nothing but shorts this season!  If it's just going to continue to get hotter (which I have no doubt this California Summer is going to be a hot one), then I predict I am pretty much going to live in shorts season.  What better reason do I need, then to expand my short wardrobe selection, I right?

Shorts have definitely grown on me the last couple of years.  It used to be skirts or pants.  I don't know..maybe it was an irrational fear of wear they hit in my thigh area.  But now, there is just something about a great pair of shorts that can either be casual or dressy and I love that.  Any piece that can be as versatile as possible is always welcome with open arms in my closet.

Here are a few more items in the shorts department that have caught my eye this season.  The season of sun, shorts, and sandals is nearly here!


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Red Tote

Nothing like a big red pop to dress up any basic outfit!  That's my favorite thing about shoes and a great bag...they can serve as that great defining touch to any outfit.  And since comfort and basic are two of my favorite wardrobe vocabulary words, this tote was a must to be that pop.  Not only is it perfect with classic white and denim, but imagine a fun night outfit of a black blouse and a pair of fun black leather wheels are turning...

The same goes for these comfy flats I paired today's outfit with.  I don't think I can ever own another pair of flats.  Not only does the color pretty much go with any outfit I own, but I can literally walk all day and night in them.  My flat feet are singing in praise.  It's like I'm wearing slippers to work, so who could argue with that?


Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 11 of 52

Warm weather was still in our favor this week and it was so nice to have the back door and windows open in the evenings.  It was an easier going week, which was nice considering our current busy weekend schedule.  I've caught the reading bug and have been enjoying curled up with my favorite book series, The Mortal Instruments.  If you haven't started this series yet, you're missing out.  #amazing.

Pub crawls and bar visits on St. Patty's Day isn't really for us, but we still enjoyed some great beer and wore green for the occasion.  Any reason to celebrate.  ;)

The rest of the week saw a lot of this....

Us reading or watching our shows, while the furry ones strategically place themselves in the middle of the living room floor to gain attention.  As if sitting on our lap or laying next to us on the couch isn't enough attention.  We need belly rubs too.

The weekend started bright and early.  I took pictures for a friend and her beautiful family and the Mr. broke ground on the backyard!  We are so excited to finally get this all done.  Our ground is pretty much like dirt colored clay, so some high powered rototillering was necessary.  A few times.  The plan is to rototiller one more time to get the dirt nice and soft, then frame for cement, lay cement, then sod will be the final touch.  We can't wait to spend Summer days in our finished backyard.  No more desert looking motif for us.

Later that evening it was couple's bunco.  It's always such a fun time to partner up with the spouses and enjoy a good dice game.  I'd like to say that the guys get way more competitive than the girls do.  About halfway through, we pause for a dessert break.  Well, a few of us decided it was also playtime and found ourselves outside playing with the kid's bikes and riding toys we found.  Training wheels and all....bunch of big kids.

Definitely a full and fun weekend.

Happy Monday!


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Friday, March 20, 2015

DIY Scrap Wood Monogram Letter

When we I was contemplating the new spot for the "B" wall and a few new touches I wanted to make to it, I knew I wanted a large wooden "B" to add to it.  Looking around on Etsy, I realized there was no way I was willing to pay $50 plus shipping for a rustic looking "B" made out of scrap wood.  
Why would I when I knew we had perfectly good scrap wood laying around the garage and my husband has proved himself oh so handy with wood? (check out our wood barn style doors here!)

So I batted my lashes and asked if he wouldn't mind putting his handy wood working skills again to the test and make a new "B" for the wall.  How could he say no? ; )

He used some regular scrap two by fours that were left over from something and cut the pieces with a skill saw to measure 24 x 14.

After the pieces were cut and laid out together, he used the rest of the scrap wood to create makeshift brackets to screw in the back to hold it all together.

Once that was all put together, the Mr. brought up my normal offering of, "If you need me to help with anything, just let me know..."  Well, normally, he  just does it all himself cause he thinks it's faster and he likes it done his particular way.  But this time he said, "I build, you sand."  Fair enough.  So it had to be documented people, that I actually helped with this little project.

I used course sand paper for the rough edges and more splintered areas.  The finer sand paper was for making it all smooth for staining.

Of course Aaron had to be the one to stain.  The same stained was used from the leftover stain that was used on our barn doors.  This stain is the perfect color and got into the grains perfectly to give it that rustic color and texture.

It made the perfect addition and totally completed our "B" wall.  I always love when something displayed in our home was made by Aaron or myself.  Or both of us for that matter.  It just makes it that much more special in my opinion.

I hope you all enjoy a great weekend!


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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Neon Cardigan

Dress // Cardigan (Gap last year) - Similar

In spirit of it being St. Patty's week and supporting my Irish lineage, I've got to sport some green somewhere on here!  I hope you all had a fun, yet safe St. Patty's Day...we did the normal cliche items such as, wear green and drank beer.  That could also be known as any other day of the week, but hey, this time we had a fun and festive reason too.
I am really a sucker for a pop of neon.  I have no idea what it is that draws me too it.
Whenever I wear this cardigan, I'll ask the Mr. how I look before we head out the door somewhere and his answer is always, "You're very bright."  I usually take that as I'm so stunning it blinds him....most would assume that's what their husband is thinking, right?  ;)
The sun for this little shoot doesn't help either, so sorry if I've blinded some of one predicted an 80 degree sun in the second week of March.
I've become more of a fan of the light sweaters.  I used to go from bundled up to short sleeves with no in between.  Throw on a perfect tee dress for an extra layer and you are ready for weekend or work week wear.  So perfect.


Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 10 of 52

The week started out with Monday being our 3rd wedding anniversary.  However, we spent the day with family to honor my Aunt Kathy who sadly passed away the week prior.  As a somber day as it was, it was nice to be with the support of all of our family to laugh, cry, and reminisce about the great person she was.  She will be so missed.

"A family is a risky venture, because the greater the love, the greater the loss...That's the trade-off.  But I'll take it all." - Brad Pitt

The remainder of the week, we were all about taking advantage of the later sunlight and doing things out in the garage and prepping to officially start on our back yard this week.
Some hotter days were on the forecast as well, so I knew if I dare expose my toes talons in sandals, I need to give myself a pedicure in the worst way.

A fun Spring color and a puppy who tried to bribe me with toys so I would let her get all up in those freshly painted toes while they dried.

When I got home from the gym Friday, (yes, I know, huge shock...I was actually a gym regular this past week....only took me about a month to get back on track) the Mr. immediately asked what we were going to do that night and that he didn't want to stay inside.  This is a very rare occasion folks, as we savor opportunities to be home bodies.  Especially with our busy weekend schedule the next couple of months.  So out to an impromptu dinner date to one of our favorite local spots, Bistro 234.  The weather couldn't have been more perfect to eat al fresco.  It was a nice change of pace for a Friday night and the perfect date night.

We were most definitely slow moving Saturday morning...blame it on the wine?... We totally savored some couch snuggles and took our time.

Puppy snuggles are the best...Even though I do realize she has got to be one of the ugliest sleepers ever.  Eyes and mouth constantly half open.

The rest of the weekend was spent celebrating at a birthday party for one our good friends little boy and then enjoying the fact that it was 85 degrees aaaalll weekend!  In March?  It was incredible, but also gave us a taste that it's not even June yet and the heat has only just begun...

 Top, Shorts, Sandals (last year) - Similar here and here

I just couldn't get over the fact that shorts and sandals were necessary so early in the year.


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Friday, March 13, 2015

The "B" Wall Moved

One thing that was started right away in this year on our project list was moving our beloved "B" wall.  Well, my beloved "B" wall...I think the Mr. could really care less what is on our walls as long as he doesn't have to keep patching holes and hanging new stuff for a while.

The new plan for the wall all the B's used to be on is to hopefully have a full china cabinet towards the end of this year/beginning of next year up against it, meaning a new wall space will have to be found for all the B's.  Luckily, some picture frames and such were moved to the master bedroom space, so a nice large spot was opened in our hallway.

A few new "B" touches were added to the wall also, as it moved to its new location.

This brass letter is probably one of my favorites on the wall.  My sister in law got it for me for Christmas.  Does she know me or what?

This was a craft letter found at Joann's and spray painted white. 

This beaut was actually crafted by my handy husband.  Tutorial on it coming to a blog near you next week!

I don't know what it is about a monogram wall, but I love them in any house!  This wall was just the perfect space for it.  There was just something about the way they were all separated before that just never really looked right to me, but now that they were all brought together on a different wall makes me love it even more!
All the hanging credit has to go to my awesome husband...if a bunch of B's have to go on a wall, he is going to make sure it's done right!

Other Sources:

Lower Case White "b" (spray painted white)

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!


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