Friday, July 25, 2014

Move Live

This morning my voice is horse and I actually packed extra supplies for another round of iced coffee to get me through the day after only 4 hours of sleep.  
But it was totally worth it.

Last night, as some of you already knew, I went to go see Derek and Julianne Hough perform on their Move Live Tour.  I went with my Mother in Law and her good friend Anet.  To say it was a great show is definitely an understatement.  It was amazing!  Entertaining, 4 out of 4 stars, and all of that good stuff.

(Me, The Mamma in Law, and Anet)

What I love the most about their show was that they interaccted so much with the audience.  They would run out and sing to us, dance around, and talk to us during the show like we were apart of the whole thing.  They are two truly humble people who give so much back to their fans.  

We joked the whole time leading up to the show that one of us crazy gals were going to get called up to dance.  Yes, I was probably the most prepared one because honestly, I'm always stage ready....even in my pj's I'm singing show tunes like the big wigs in Broadway could hear me and pick me up for a gig any second.  I told you my Mr. was a lucky guy didn't I?  ;)

So here were are... singing along and watching Derek do is thing in some remarkably tight jeans and an unbuttoned shirt (of course)...when all of a sudden he jumps down and makes his way through the audience.  He grabs one lady and starts dancing..then sings a little more of the song as he makes his way over by us...hits our row and starts singing to us...I could reach out and touch him if I really wanted too....but come on ladies...I'm a married woman..................
............................aaaaaaand I didn't want to lean that far in a skirt.  *ahem* ok so...where was I....
So we are freaking out as he sings to us in our row, when all of a sudden...he points to Anet and gestures her to come to him...of course, we are all looking at each other and back at him and then ourselves likes, "Me? Her?  Her? No, me?  Me?? Oh, her!"
He gestures for Anet again and off she went to shake her thing with Derek Hough!  And ladies, I jumped on my phone so fast to get the whole thing on video..unbuttoned shirt and're welcome.

(Pardon the excessive screaming...I went a little crazy as to what was happening in the moment)

Highlight of the evening?  I would say so!  We watched it over and over again and literally cried laughing we couldn't believe what just happened.

We had the BEST time.   Dancing, singing, and cracking up.  If they headlined a show again...I would buy tickets in a heartbeat.  Pure entertainment.

Cheers to the weekend!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tee Dress

Dress // Chambray Shirt - Similar // Hat - Similar // Sneakers

I have wanted to wear this dress everyday this Summer.  Super comfy and something so simply to throw on for work or around town.  Perfect for those 100+ valley temps.  Old Navy has just hit the dress jackpot this Summer with their simply and comfy dresses like this one.  It's one that you love so much you consider buying every color.....I said consider.  Relax.  I'm still being a good shopper.  Speaking of it bad that I made my first Winter purchase in July?  Even if it was a deal one couldn't possibly pass up??

In other news...I am super excited that I am leaving work early today.  For what you ask?  Only to go see the Move Live Tour with Julianne and Derek Hough!!! AAAAAHHHH!!!!  I am so freakin excited you guys!!  I have a serious...and I mean serious girl crush on Julianne and I cannot wait!  Ironically, I have never watched Dancing With The Stars, in which they started out, but my Mother in Law is an avid watcher so she is my road trip and concert partner for the evening.  We've been the two squealing girls the past couple of weeks every time we talk about it.  Looking forward to a night of entertainment and making me wish I was a dancer (and had the body) afterward.  Don't worry, a recap with some pics will follow.

Who else is super excited it's Thursday and after that comes Friday?


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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Who loves a good sale?!?
*Throwing my hands up like a 1st grader who wants the teacher to pick them soooo bad*

Right now, there is no better sale out there than the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  Yes, it's that time of the year again....Happy Anniversary Sale my friends! I didn't go crazy and throw half of the sale in my cart, though I so wanted to.... I still managed to narrow down to some of my favorites that are pleading for me just to hit that "checkout" out button in my cart already.

Who's guessing right about now that I am totally ready for all things Fall?  Just by looking at all of these gets me so excited for the Fall/Winter like weather.  Who am I?  What happened to automatically answering, "Summer...all things warm!!" when people asked what my favorite season is?  Looks like the cooler seasons are growing on me quickly.

I feel that one can never have too many patterns of a good button up shirt or a cute pair of boots/booties.

What awesome things did you score during this sale??  
Do share!

Wishing you all some happy shopping......but honestly, how does shopping a sale as epic as this not make one happy?


Monday, July 21, 2014

A Blur

I don't even know where this past whole week went....let alone the weekend.  Is it sad to admit I am actually happy to be back to work and in my routine again?  Is that what happens when one gets older?  

Let me paint you a mental picture of what the week and most of the weekend looked like for us...
We went to our county fair that was in town, handed out samples in the sample booth for Aaron's work, maybe grabbed an unhealthy fair meal for dinner, and then headed home to bed to do it all over again.

Not that we didn't have a good time.  Who doesn't love hangin out with their best bud all evening and people watching the rather interesting characters that come out for the fair.

Our happy fair faces.

Sunday was spent stocking our fridge and cabinets with normal food once again and one cannot be blamed for a healthier lunch option and a little something to help unwind from the full week.

I know, all this excitement in one post is just too much for some...

But don't worry, this week has its fair share of more fun to come and I'm super excited about it!

Cheers to Monday friends!
Now, please excuse me while I try to shed the 15 lbs. I most likely gained over the past week.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Weekly Style: Fair Wear

Top // Jeans // Boots

Tank - Similar // Vest // Shorts - Similar // Booties - Similar
Photobombing Dog - N/A

Tank (Lauren Conrad a few years ago) // Shorts // Boots

Tank // Shorts // Booties - Similar // Necklace - Similar

Tank // Vest - Similar // Shorts // Boots // Bag - Similar

It has been one whirlwind of a week so far......Just enough time to sleep in a bit, do a couple things around the house, eat, and it's out the door 'til late in the evening.....
and this is technically my week of vacation from the 'ole job.

The Mr. has quite a bit involvement with our county fair and this year, I get to be his partner in crime once again during the 10 day run of the fair.  Don't worry, I've been good...I haven't even had a corn dog yet.  The corn on a stick though...annihilated one of those yummies already.  

What would also be fun about the fair besides the food?....the clothes, of course.  We've been pretty lucky with only a couple days of ridiculous heat.  Last night we even had a really good wind pick up that might have even required a light jacket.  
Above are just a few of my outfits so far during this past week and here are just a few other of my similar favorite pics for fair style...

I hope you all are having a great week so far!

Friday, July 11, 2014


Wearing - Aviators and my favorite Summer shorts.  All day, eeerrrrday if I could.  

Singing - Just about every song from Sam Smith's new album.  It's been a while since I have liked almost an entire album from someone.

Reading - The last installment on the Mortal Instrument Series....tear..... It's great so far, but I don't want this series to end.

Drinking - Iced coffee....lots and lots of iced coffee.  

Watching - Jimmy Fallon and Game of Thrones...yes, from the first season again.  We like to do that.

Loving - Summer sales.  Some places are doing them huge right now.  An extra 50% off of already marked down clearance for one day only...yes please!  I scored this top and this one.  Combined, with tax and shipping, they were the price of just one of them before the sale. 

Looking forward too - Week of vacation starting this afternoon!  And our county fair is in town, so fair food.

Not looking forward too - Fair heat.  I don't know why, but the Summer seems hotter at the fair.

Planning - the next projects for our house.  Excited to get started on them and share with everyone.

Realizing - My birthday is in 20 days......and so far, I don't have anything planned.  Better get on that one.. 
& it's Friday!

Enjoy your weekend all!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Updated Living Room

I am so thrilled that this room is finally where I want it to be.  Visions have come together just the way I had hoped, which sometimes doesn't happen all to often in home projects, and now I am ready to share with all of you.  As a fellow house creeper, what would be the fun of saying I am updating the living room without sharing it?

Of course this room isn't completely finished yet...a lamp here...a framed piece there..... still are on the wish list, but for the most part, it's on the right track and I couldn't love it more.

Console Table // Mirror - (gift years ago) // Vase // Basket // Top Book

The story of the steak book on the console table....  The Mr. had asked one day how I planned to style the console table when he had finished putting it together and I explained I planned to add a vase and maybe a basket sitting on top of some home topic centered books.  Well, a few days later, I come home and he had this steak booking sitting on the console table.... He said he was helping style the console table and he can also learn to make some good steaks for us.  So you know what?  That steak book stays.  Best.. And.. Sweetest.. Hubs.. Ever.  Plus, I'll be eating some kick ass steaks in my near future.  It was a win/win.

This is by far my favorite wall in the room.  When I stumbled on this painting one day...It was love at first sight and I knew I had to have it somewhere in our home.  The work they did on this painting is absolutely phenomenal and so authentic.  I'm thoroughly convinced nothing will ever beat out this spot on the wall.  

The couch just got a little lift by adding some new pillow covers.  The mixed patterns and white give it better texture because our couch is seriously huge.

I just want to spend loads more time in this room (like I don't enough already...thank you to whoever invented the DVR).  I was aiming for a more cleaner look and neutral colors that would brighten up the room so much more.  Now don't worry, there will be no new "Living Room Update" anytime soon.  I've had my share of changing too much shit around here.  Plus, the Mr. and I have a bet that if I get rid of anything in here to replace with something new, he gets a new gun.  So there's that.

Happy Thursday to you all!