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St. Thomas Trip - Days 4 & 5

The last couple of days of our trip was spent relaxing and really enjoying the beauty the resort and island in general had to offer.  

On day 4, we took advantage of no set schedule and slept in...those beds were soooo comfortable!  Then we grabbed a quick breakfast and headed down to the beach to pick our spots we didn't move from all day.  We relaxed, ate, drank, and went back and forth into the water.  It was awesome.  The water was perfect and the beach wasn't too crowded. 


The only time we did move was to take a dip in the pool, which was even warmer than the ocean water!  It felt great.  After a while, we decided it was time to get all cleaned up for our dinner that night.
On our way to the room we were greeted by this little guy...


Iguanas were all over the place there!  They were mean or bug anyone really...they just startled you cause they literally pop up out of no where.  A couple days before that, one was just chillin on the edge of the pool as people fed him flowers...red ones specifically...the resort staff said they love red flowers the most.  

For dinner that night, we went to a place called Villa Botanica.  This place was gorgeous!!  It was a complete botanical garden with multiple levels to walk around and explore and stunning views!

How cute are these itty bitty pineapples?!  They were growing all over...I just wanted to pick one to put it in my purse and take home!

It was such an amazing evening, watching the sun go down with that view on the island...listening to great music, great food, and the best company.  As soon as the sun went down, the wildlife around the place just went nuts!  The sounds made me feel like I was on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland!  it was incredible and so cool to listen to!! 

The next day was our travel home day.  We savored our breakfast with the pool/ocean view and then walked around a bit more to soak in the last couple of hours of our resort stay.  The trip home seemed longer, but we were still happy to see our puppy's excitement when we got home at 1:00 AM the next day.

We had the best trip...so many wonderful memories, breathtaking views, and amazing experiences.  Even before we left, we were already talking about planning another trip out here and exploring more of the island and surrounding islands.  

If you're thinking of a Caribbean vacation, I highly recommend the Virgin Islands!  And if you have any questions about our trip, just let me know!

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Swim Cover Up - Target (Sold Out!) - Similar ones HERE, HERE, HERE, & HERE

Please be kind...as what's going through my head in these pictures is (*wide eye emoji* I can't believe I'm taking pictures in a bikini on the beach!)  But you know what?  This was about 12 lbs shed of "I'm going to try and look decent in a bikini for our trip" weight and it was hard work!  So I was doing it! 

We should ALL have this mentality about our bodies ladies!  We are all built so differently and I say embrace each one of those differences!  I know it's easier said than done, believe me, I'm the queen of doubting my physical stature, but once we start working with the great bod we all have, then... all of a sudden...you're taking pictures on a beach in a bikini.

This scallop bikini completely fit my body type and worked with all the right places.  I will say this is not for the larger chested folk.  This worked just fine for me and the *ahem* little I have going on.  Plus, you can't beat this color.  It was like I was wearing the color of the ocean I was in...so pretty for Summer!

I snagged this cute little cover up towards the very beginning of spring and I'm super bummed Target doesn't seem to have it anymore!  But I linked some very similar favorites!  The white was a perfect contrast and gave me enough coverage without making me feel like I was wearing a heavy dress on the beach or around the pool.

Also, I'm sure you can tell by these pictures it was SUPER windy on the beach...it was super windy everywhere on the island really, but it was still awesome!

Thanks for stopping by today and I say get those bathing suits out ladies and cheers to an awesome Summer rocking them!



St. Thomas Trip - Day 3

On day 3 of our trip we had another excursion planned in the morning.  We chose kayaking as our excursion because I had never done it before and Aaron wanted to do a little more exploring around the island.  And explore we did!  We started through a lagoon that took us to a large, natural made coral reef barrier.  It was such a cool view and the tour guides were awesome with all their knowledge of the reef and all the sea creatures we got to see.  There were hundreds..maybe even thousands of hermit crabs on that side of the island by the reef we were walking through.  It literally looked like the ground was moving! We also got to see lots of cool fish and spiky sea urchins.  

It wasn't as hard as I thought to kayak, but they were only half joking when they called this little excursion "relationship testers".  Let's just say we got tested a bit. Haha... I was so afraid to get lost from the group and felt like we might tip if we moved too much.  I learned that just because we were going left from the group didn't necessarily mean Aaron was steering us in the wrong direction...it's a little something called a current. ;)  ... He did great navigating us! (and putting up with a little bit of front seat driver nagging..)

We then took a shuttle from the kayak place down the road to a fun little restaurant/bar on the beach called Iggy's!  So colorful and another great beach spot for lunch.


That night for dinner, we went to a place called the Sunset Grille.  The people were so friendly and the dinner spot was absolutely stunning to sit and watch the sun set while you enjoyed your meal.  The food was delicious.  The crab cake appetizers were definitely my favorite!


The rest of our trip will be recapped this week!

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Black Off The Shoulder Dress

This dress needs to be a dress for the Summer for everyone!  Comfortable and oh so cute!  It's one of those where I have to show some serious restraint not to buy it in all the other great colors this dress comes in.  And for $25!!  You can't beat that price for a great dress this season!

I wore this to dinner the second day of our trip...and my shoulders were thankful!  That Caribbean sun is no joke!  My advice for any trip there is you can never over sun screen!  I love this little pop of color this cute tassel necklace adds against the black.  I plan to style it so many other cute ways this season...a great casual grey tank dress... with a great black and white stripe number...so many options!

Happy Monday friends!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great start to your week!

I will continue our trip recap with day 3 tomorrow!

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St. Thomas Trip - Day 2

Day 2 of our trip started out bright and early, as we boarded a catamaran to take us island hopping for the day!  This was by far our favorite part of the whole trip!  
The catamaran took us into the British Virgin Islands, so we needed our passports with us to get back into St. Thomas, which is a U.S. territory.  Our first stop was midway through to do some snorkeling off of St. John.  The shoreline everyone was snorkeling off of was inhabited by donkeys!  I seriously thought I was hearing sea lions at first, but was told those were donkeys roaming around all over the island...so random and funny to me.

Our next stop was Jost Van Dyke.  This place was beautiful!  We walked off the dock over to this fun little bar off the shore called Foxy's.  We didn't even take our shoes because the "main road" was just sand!

When a seating area is nothing by hammocks...you grab one and take in the view...

The BBQ at Foxy's was incredible!  Ribs...corn...chicken...one of our favorite meals for sure!  

Our next stop was to White Bay and another cute little bar off the shore called Ivan's.

We loved all these little shell art pieces that were hanging everywhere outside the bar.  
The water was even more stunning over here!  We just filled our glasses off the boat and floated in the warm, turquoise water.  


You can even hear Aaron say in the video "Beautiful.."  Because is sure was!  You really couldn't beat the view.  We also liked looking at all the different flags on the boats to see where everyone has sailed from.  All over!  From Canada, Jamaica, and even Texas!

So much fun to see all these different parts of the other islands close by!  Totally worth the bad sunburn I got on my back that day..haha.  The catamaran was so much fun and the crew was great!  We sailed on the "Daydreamer" with Coconut Cruises and I highly recommend them if you ever take a trip to the VI's and want a fun day of island hopping or even a sunset cruise.  

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Paradise Blue

Blue Dress (comes in so many colors!) // Necklace (under $15!!

When I thought of outfits to pack for our trip, I had light and breezy in mind, as I knew the humidity would be a lot different than what we are used to.  
This dress totally caught my eye with the great paradise feeling blue color and definitely made the list.  It was perfect for island weather!  So light, breezy, and the material is beyond comfortable!  The perfect dress to keep a little cooler and be a little more comfortable for the hot Summer.  Would anyone be shocked if I said I have it in two other colors already?


I wore this our first night for an amazing dinner right on the beach.  There were lights hanging everywhere and you just watch the waves crashing up as we ate.  It was so beautiful.  I wasn't worried about walking around in the sand throughout dinner in these sandals.  The best part about them is that they are patten and the sand easily wiped off!  They were the perfect sandal for any outfit to dress up a bit, but handle the fact that most of our dinners were on or near a beach and there was sand everywhere.  

Stay tuned for day two's recap of our trip on the blog tomorrow!
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