Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 3 of 52

Happy Monday!

This week only accomplished a tad bit, as the bug that seems to have hit everyone I know, finally caught up to me...

So the beginning of the week, it was me and my pjs with numerous cups of green tea, NyQuil, and BravoTV.
Needless to say, taking it easy was the name of the game for me during the week since I only stayed home one day and went to work the rest of the week..  But by Friday, I was feeling better and ready to tackle the weekend.
That was until I woke up early Saturday in a fit of coughs...and by voice was almost completely gone.  Womp, womp.  Guess this bug was ready for round two.  I bundled and braved the grocery store still, but was in a woobie cocoon the remainder of the day.  Some crazy weekend I tell ya.

This is what weekend meals look like when you're not feeling well and pizza is all you crave.  Don't worry, I made it on the 100 calorie Flat Out bread.  Have you ever tried it?  So good and you get a lot for such little calories!  

I did manage to get off of my bum enough on  Sunday to help the Mr. with a little decor shuffling.  We found my wall of adored "B's" a new home.  I will share more with you soon...(cause I think it needs just a couple additional B's added to the mix..)  So checking something off of the "to do" list at least counts for something right?

That was all the excitement we saw for a whole week.  But that's ok, we have busy schedules coming up in the next few weeks and this was my body's way of telling me to rest apparently.

Hope you all had a wonderful week!

What one, two, or a few things did you manage to cross off of your to do list this past week?


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Friday, January 23, 2015

Project Wishlist

Yay for Friday!  I hope you all have glorious plans for the weekend.  Mine involves laundry and some grocery shopping.  I'm also still fighting a little bug I seem to have accumulated from a very generous person who loves to share, so a bit of mandatory rest will be on the agenda as well.  

But aside from my wild weekend plans, I wanted to share with you a seemingly growing list of house goals we would like to achieve sometime in the 2015/early 2016 near future.  If the Mr. is reading this, he is probably thinking in his head, "there is that 'we' word again...."  I like to say that I'm the brain and he is the muscle.  That's why we make such a good team.  Especially when it comes to house projects.  Our bar is the prime example of our awesome teamwork.  ;)
The most important part is that we have a list of home goals in a certain time frame.  That's half of the decision battle right there.  Now let's just hope it can all go according to plan. 

Now, these are in no particular order, because honestly, any of them being crossed of the list at anytime would be so awesome.

First is the wall space above Aaron's office doors.  Our ceilings are ridiculously high, which we love, but finding something to put there has been tough to agree on and it's too much of a sore thumb space to just leave blank.  I was stumped until I was at my in law's neighbors house for their 4th of July party and she was giving us a tour of their gorgeous home they had recently done renovations on.  Well, what caught my eye the most was above their double master bedroom doors was an interior window.  I fell in love!  So brilliant and what a great way to add some more natural light into the living room from the office window.

Another item I would like to cross off the list is getting a large china cabinet for our sitting room.  Our wedding china was something I really wanted when we were getting married.  Bringing it out for our special occasions and having it displayed beautifully in a cabinet.  It's tucked away nicely in a small cabinet for now, but it would be great to have a larger one to display our china better and cover most of the wall in there so I don't feel like I need to hang stuff on it.

(yeah..the "B" wall is gone..more on that soon)

A slightly bigger item on the list...the fireplace.  We are loving the idea of having it all stone and building a small white, wood mantle to still breakup the barn doors and the fireplace.

An area that's already being touched up a bit is our guest bathroom.  I felt like it just needed to flow better with the house.  I don't know what that really means...I'm just weird ok?  I will share that little update with you soon.

I will also continue to add little touches to the office here and there because the last office update I only slightly less that it looks now.  Slowly but surely is the motto here.

This little pipe dream is also going to get covered up.  A sink/cabinet combo will be perfect there for wash ups after the Mr. is done working outside or cleaning whatever animal he's brought home from his latest hunting trip.

Our main priority for the beginning of this year is definitely getting the last of the cement work done in the back yard.  It's time to make some progress there.  Our fur kids need to grass to roll around in...cause an 80 lb dog and obese cat doing on the living room carpet doesn't go over quite the same.

So that's our current list of house priorities for right now.  Who knows how it may change over the year, but we are excited to cross some items off of the list.

What's a house project or any project for that matter that you are itching to get done?


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Striped Turtleneck

Jeans // Booties // Sunglasses - Similar

A soft knit turtleneck and a vest is my jam lately...and these booties obviously.  I thought I would never get tired of the Fall and Winter looks, however, I am getting tired of the grey skies and the fog so heavy and misty I have to turn on my windshield wipers.  So I've been finding myself daydreaming of Summer dresses and sandals.  To early?  Well, ya'll should know by now patience is a word I'm working on around here.

Very much like my patience I have with organizing and other house projects.  I will be sharing that growing list with you all soon.  Can't I just snap my fingers or wiggle my nose and it all be done?  Too much Bewitchful thinking?  
(if you saw what I did there and giggled or even smiled a little..I'll take it...and you're my new best friend for humoring me.)

Hope you all are having a great week so far!


Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 2 of 52

Happy Monday friends!

This week the fog rolled in and decided it was going to stick around, not only all day long, but all week long as well.  This made for cold and grey days.  Ya know, the kind of days where all you feel like doing is keeping your bootay anchored to the couch in the warmest pj's ever, while sipping on hot tea.

Keeping ourselves inside in our comfies after work all week wasn't the worst thing ever.  We binged on more Entourage watching and it gave me the chance to update a couple things around the house for the new year.  With great remorse, I finally took down all the holiday pictures and prints from our gallery wall, and replaced them with new pictures and a fun everyday art print.

(Sorry for the picture quality, our track lighting is right above this so it's shining right on the gallery wall)

The weekend started just as grey and cold as the beginning of the week.  Which meant the last thing I wanted to do was go anywhere.  But groceries need to bought, so I ran out during the morning to run a few errands.  Note to self, never go to Target to just look around.  Bad idea.  I want it all.  Also, sending me to get supplies for Bella at the pet store is another bad idea.  I almost walked out with a Yorkie puppy.  No joke.  If he wasn't already on adoption hold, we would have that little pip squeak running around our house right now.  

Casual Saturday wear.
Home T. // Shirt (on sale!) // Jeans // Boots // Boot Socks

Saturday night, the Mr. and I decided to have our date night at home.  We plan a date night once a month where we go out to eat, see a movie, etc.  Planning it once a month also helps with our new year guideline of saving some moola.  That stuff added up for us in the quickness last year.
On the agenda was grabbing a couple bottles of our favorite micro brew, grub from our favorite chinese food place, and bringing it back home to watch a movie from the comfort of our pjs and warm woobies.

After taking a nice long and hot shower, I get in my comfies and some out in the living room to find that the Mr. built us a huge fort for our movie watching pleasure!

It was so cool how he constructed it and even Bella thought it was fun to be in the fort.  However, halfway through the movie we were complaining of back pain and neck crinks.  Damn...we are so old.
But it was so fun while it lasted and it brought some added fun into date night at home.
The movie for date night?  Gone girl.  Ummmm......I don't even know what to say about that movie other than, it left us with our mouths hanging open on more than one occasion.  When it was over, I literally looked at the Mr. and said, "WTF?!  I can't even right now..."
If you haven't read the book or watched the totally should if you are into books/films that totally play with your mind.

Sunday I completed the next task on my organization list and organized the hallway cabinets and my bathroom drawers.  Can't tell you how good it feels just to organize and purge.  I even found about 500 of the 2 gazillion bobby pins I have owned and lost.  I guess sinking to the bottom of your drawer isn't really "losing" them.
Next on the list is my office closet and clothes armoire.  I saved the worst for last.

Hope you all had a great weekend and have a fabulous start to your week!


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Friday, January 16, 2015

Getting Organized

One of the 5 things for this year that I wanted to focus on was getting organized.  Organize my brain, house, office, pretty much everything I use as a clutter keeper.  There is no time but the present, so I figure I'd better get a jump start on this whole organizing thing and what would make that more of a fun task for me?  Why, sharing it with you lovely folks, of course. 
Because who doesn't want to see how I am organizing all the crap I've piled up in the last few years?

I think that organizing cabinets, closets, rooms, etc that have had quite the build up for a while can be some what of an overwhelming task for most.  (I usually end up choosing the pour wine and watch reality tv route).  So a great place to start is to list the items or places that need some organizing.

For example, I did a run through of our home and even my office at work and made a physical list of every room, cabinet, closet, and drawer that needed some serious organizing.  My list is as follows:

1. Kitchen cabinets and pantry. - Completed 1/4/15
2. Hallway cabinets
3. Master bathroom cabinets
4. My armoire dresser
5. My home office closet
6. My desk drawers at work

Phew!  That is a lot that needs to be cleaned out, that's for sure!  So you make your list, open up a cabinet or closet on your list, scoop all the crap build up and lay it out in the middle of the room in all its cluttered what?

The system I have found to work best for me is setting three separate boxes, containers, bags,...or whatever will hold something and label one "Keep", "Donate", and "Toss".  I actually learned this the hard way after consuming my kitchen with everything in its cabinets...just right in the middle of the floor and all counter tops.  Try keeping a nosey puppy and a selfish kitty out of all that.  Yeah...

The keep items are obviously stuff you use on a constant basis.  For our kitchen, it was our daily dry foods, drinking cups, coffee mugs, containers, etc.
A good guideline I like to use for donating or tossing something is I ask myself if I have used it or even searched for it within the past year.  If the answer is "no", then away it goes.  Obviously I only toss the items that cannot be reused or are in pretty bad shape.  You will be surprised how quickly the "Donate" or "Toss" containers fill up.  Leaving you with little to "Keep", which leave for more clean space in whatever you are organizing.

So there are my organizational tips for what they are worth.  They are definitely tips that were developed in a learning process sort of way for me.  And any way I can help out with other organizational woes such as mine, I'm there for ya. ;)
I am not close to being done by any means, so I do plan to share with you certain areas in their before and after organizing state.

Cheers to a more organized year!


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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Grey & Black

Sweater // Jeans (on super sale!) - Similar 
Booties // Clutch - Similar

This is by far the softest turtleneck sweater I have ever owned!  So comfortable, I just want to wear it all time.  It was my last purchase for the Fall/Winter wardrobe season and I am totally not disappointed.  Yes, I have to put end dates on my seasonal shopping because with end of season clearance and all that can get a bit out of hand.  Is that totally sad?  I had to refrain from buying everything single color.  Call it great will power....but if these same sweaters come back in stock next season, I can't make any promises.


Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 1 of 52

Happy Monday to you and you!

For the new year I wanted to document our daily happenings in a different way.  Instead of just weekend recaps I wanted to recap every week of the year.  Every year I do this blog, I find myself always looking back to reminisce.  I guess that is part of the fun of keeping a blog.  Like a internet based memory book if you will.  Am I the only that likes to go back and reminisce on what was captured on their blog in the years past?

Well, the week did start out kind of slow and uneventful.  I think that's how it normally is when you are coming off of a long holiday break.  It always takes me a minute to get back into my routine.
But be proud that I did manage to make it to the gym at least THREE times this past week and my goal for this next week is four.

It also has still been pretty cold for the first half of the day here, so the layers have been added on each morning....only for it to decide to warm up to about 65 degrees by 2:00 pm...what is that all about?  Spring teasing weather for sure.  Just pick a side January and stick to it.

Jacket // Chambray Shirt - Similar - Here // Striped Tee - Similar - Here

Friday we kicked things off with the nephew coming over for a sleepover.  We cuddled and watched movies.  He is a woobie-aholic just like his aunt and uncle, so he comes baring many a woobies when he stays the night.  He is great about sharing though.  While we were watching movies, he had one in his grasp and Bella Bear was on the couch right next to us with his other woobie in her grasp. Sorry for no pictures of that cuteness, but we had to set the mood lighting for our movie time and that leaves for not so great lighting for pictures.  But trust me when I say it was adorable. ;)

Saturday was Bunco with my lady loves!  We took a break in December due to all the holiday madness, so I was extra excited to have our first Bunco of the new year.  I didn't win any monies this time around, but I was just getting back into the rolling of things.  I plan to make a comeback.

Sunday, some girlfriends and I got together for a yummy brunch to celebrate one of our friends, Krystle's, birthday.  The food spread was absolutely amazing and as always the conversations kept flowing as well as the laughter.  Oh, and also, bottomless mimosas...enough said. 

A slow start to the week ended with a pretty full and fun weekend.

Cheers to a fabulous week for you all!


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