Monday, September 1, 2014

Styled: Striped Dress

 Dress - Similar Style for SummerSimilar Style for Fall // Vest - Similar (On Super Sale for Labor Day!)

So excited to be apart of Sarah's first installment of The Lovely Lookbook.  I think this is a fabulous way for any and all women to share how they style a specific piece.  My inner (and outer) fashion fiend loves to see how pieces can be styled in many different ways.

Today I styled a striped tee dress.  I love tee dresses for the Summer for many reasons.  They are extremely comfortable, they can be worn at work, or as an easy outfit on the weekends, and they can be styled with pretty much anything.  
This dress that I am wearing in particular is a Joe Fresh dress I scored at JCP for $5!  I'm telling ya, the deals are out there if you know where to look....and right now is the time with all the amazing Labor Day sales going on!

I'm pretty short, like 5'3, but that's what I like to tell myself...I wouldn't be surprised if it was actually 5'2 1/2 or something.  So shorter dresses tend to give me a longer and leaner look since I am mostly all torso and stubby legs.  This gives my legs a little length attention, if you will.  And I don't mean hoochie short.  A little above the knee, like this dress, is about as short as I go.  Think finger tip rule from junior high.

Since tee dresses are cut exactly how they sound, basically a very large t shirt, I paired my dress with my favorite military vest that has the cinch option to break up the tee and accentuate my waist for shape.  This also adds a great break up in pattern and color depth.  A brown crossbody can finish any look, but I can easily see me wearing this same outfit with a cute red crossbody or a neon coral one to add a great vibrant POP of color.

Hope you all are enjoying your three day weekend!
Happy September!


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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Built In Bar Project

It's time to finally share the next little project that the Mr. and I have been working on inside the house.
Our very own built in bar!
But first the back story behind that idea...

Between all of our liqueur bottles, wine bottles, and wine glasses...we were slowly running out of perfectly good cabinet space.  There isn't much room around our living spaces where a large hutch would make sense and a bar tray was just a small temporary fix...

Until one day an idea surfaced....let me just preface that statement with the recipe for a good idea is the husband + the father in law + booze = brilliant ideas.

So we have this very deep inset nook above our fireplace in our sitting room.  In hind sight, I really should have had the builders just fill it in when our house was being built, but that is neither here nor there and it got built.  This nook just served no purpose...for the past year and a half, it has looked pretty much like this...

A big clock in there...nothing really was set in it...that "Home" sign was there for all about 5 minutes.  
I have just never truly been satisfied with having that nook there.
I was stumped on what to do with it...

Back to the above reference recipe for a great idea and the idea was:  "Why not turn that into a bar?"
A bar?
That solves our cabinet space problem and a great use for that nook!

After a couple weeks of solid hard work....manual work done by the hubby and the hard thought process done by me...
ahem...the planning work is important too....
This is our finished product!

Friends...I'm in love.  One great idea that turned out beautifully!

Everything was hand built by my stud of a husband, minus the wood wine racks.
A great tutorial on the wood barn style doors is coming soon!

So far..hands favorite house project EVER.

What is your favorite house project you will never stop obsessing over?

Cheers to your day!


- Wood Barn Style Doors - A DIY done by the Mr.  Tutorial coming soon!
- Wine racks - Here
- Wine Glasses - White, Red, Champagne 
- Door hardware - Lowes

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Boyfriend Short

Boyfriend Shorts (on super sale!)// Baseball Tee // Sandals - Similar
Clutch - Similar // Fedora - Similar

I will most likely live in these shorts every weekend until Fall decides to come and cool us down.  Love everything about them.  The perfect amount of "destroyed" look and to give more of that slouchy boyfriend look, I actually ordered two sizes up from my normal size.  What's even better is that they are only $9.99 at Old Navy right now with an additional 15% off sale items...hurry...hurry and get your booty to right now!

But this pretty much the weekend attire...I grab the nearest baseball, my trusty fedora, and my glasses for now.  Who knew it takes forever to get in to see the Optometrist nowadays?! 

Will I be sad to give up these cutie pie shorts for Fall and Winter?  Well...yeah...but just until I put on my frist sweater, light anything pumpkin scented, and bring out the Halloween decor.  Which isn't too far off! 

What has been one of your wardrobe staples this past Summer?


Monday, August 25, 2014

A Bunco Baby Shower + A Favor DIY

Monday never gives up on you.  It always seems to come quickly back.  Even quicker when it was followed by a great little weekend. 

The only plus to this Monday, is that it marks Starbucks famous PSL coming back early!  You have no idea how many people have asked me if I made the trip through a Starbucks drive thru to get my fix already today.  Is it that sad that I have that big of a PSL loving reputation? may be.  But no, I did NOT make the drive this morning.  I'm still enjoying my morning iced coffees in the 100 degree heat thank you very much.  I'll give it a couple weeks....then I'm all over it!

But back to the fun of this weekend...

Saturday morning I had the greatest pleasure to shoot some maternity pictures for one of my best lady loves!  She is the cutest little prego with the cutest little family and taking pictures for them was nothing but a fun time.

What she didn't know was that later that evening when we all got together for our monthly Bunco night at my house, it was going to be more than just our regular dice rolling night, but more of a surprise Bunco Baby Shower night to celebrate her little girl on the way!  

 The beautiful Mamma.

Instead of our regular buy in, we all brought a pack of diapers instead.

For the favors, we got a case of the pink bubbly Barefoot Moscato and tied little tags with a cute saying.  The saying read: "Baby Baylee is on her way... When you get the news, have a toast a cheer "Hooray!"'

They turned out absolutely adorable and fitting to go along with the shades of pink all around to celebrate baby Baylee!

Hope you all are enjoying your start to the week!


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Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Confessions

TGIF my friends!  Soooo happy Friday is in da house!!! 
So much fun to be had this weekend, but first...
No, not take a selfie...
I've got a little bit of confessing to do......

1.  I confess that this was one of my dinners this past week... and that's how I eat my cereal..completely dry with milk on the side.

2.  I confess that I was bound and determined to get up early with the Mr. this week and go to the gym, but so far, he's done it solo.  Ugh.  I know..I gotta start Monday! 

3.  I confess that I already hit up a Bath & Body Works sale to stock up on all things Pumpkin scented.

4.  I confess that I also marked my calendar for this coming Monday the 25th to for Starbucks bringing back the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte early!  Yeah...I'm one of those " bring on Fall!" girls lately.

5.  I confess that with all things Fall and Winter on my mind lately, this, this, and this are on my near future shopping list.

What are some of your confessions from this past week?

Enjoy your weekend!


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Thursday, August 21, 2014

How It Feels To Be Owned By A Dog

No, you read that right.  I feel that humans don't own dogs...their dogs own them.  In a good way of course.  You give them your heart and they will love you forever.

I recently saw an article on Buzzfeed about feelings every dog owner is familiar with.  I thought I maybe qualify for a couple of those feelings, but when I was finished reading the list, I thought that I pretty much wrote that whole damn thing.  I wanted to highlight the ones that I get on the regular as a dog parent.  Yeah, that's right, I said "parent".   I don't care how much I get made fun of for calling myself her Mamma, but they depend on us that way and I just love her that stinkin much.

1.  You feel so helpless when they are sick or hurt - I never want to see her not feeling good.  Cause she looks at me with the extra sad eyes and I can't help but tear up.  Like the other night, she scraped her paw pad on a rock and I felt so bad for her when the Mr. had to hold her down to put pressure on the bleeding with some corn starch.  Ok, maybe not for long cause she got a big bone to chew on afterward.  #spoiled.

2.  You are so proud of them when they learn a new trick - And it's even cuter the way Bella is so dang proud of herself when you praise her for getting the trick down.

3.  When you are so ready for bedtime & they take that as second wind playtime - Or in Bella's case, she jumps up and lays right on top of my pillows and refuses to move.  It's cute for maybe a minute...  But Mamma needs her beauty sleep, for reals.

4.  How dogs are born with the ability to swim in oceans, but avoid a bath -  Like the plague.  Her kiddie pool outside?  All about it, but when Daddy turns on that bath water, she runs to her bed and lays down like that will save her.

5.  Keeping a photo journal of their every move - Let's just say I've had to transfer pictures to my computer to have more room on my phone's camera roll more than once. 

6.  You have the biggest feeling of remorse when they go to the vet - Even for just a nail clipping or a simple shot.  She's fine until they come get her to take her back, then she starts doing the swim technique trying to get back to us.  It's so pathetic to watch.

7.  The guilt you have when you leave them - She knows when we are getting ready to leave the house and it's so sad when she looks at us like, "You're not taking me with you?".

8.  That adorable head tilt - I purposely talk to her in a certain high pitch, annoying mommy talk tone just to get her to do her cutie patootie head tilt.  With those ears, I can't get enough of the cuteness!

9.  Missing them the entire time you're away from them - The Mr. and I plead guilty to missing Bella way too much when we are away from her.  We will just go out to dinner for a couple of hours and on our way home one of us will always say, "I miss my puppy" or "We're coming home puppy".  So sad I just admitted that.

10.  Being greeted by the greatest love in the world - Whether we were just outside for a minute or gone all day at work, when we walk through the door, there is no better feeling than having her soooo excited that you're there with her.

It's a special kind of love.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014



Red Maxi - Forever21 (Similar) // Jean Jacket - Aeropostale, years ago (Similar
Crossbody Purse - Similar
Sandals // Aviators - Similar

I used to be so afraid of red.  Like it was the one color I could never pull off.  But now I have no idea what I was thinking, because is that one vibrant color that looks great on anyone!  Brings so much warmth into skin tones and hair colors.  I think it's safe to say that red is making its comeback folks.

Another comeback is the long hair.  I've got about 3 to 4 more inches from where I ultimately want it to be, but I am loving it!  I've been rocking the ponytails and top knots all day errrrday.  A little longer.. and hello fun side braids.  I've kept the 'do shoulder length or shorter for so long that I have forgotten how fun long hair can be.

Hope you all have been having a great week so far!

Do the Humpty Hump!  Come on, and do the Humpty Hump!
Couldn't help myself.