June Favorites

Outfit Details:  Here

Oh how sad I am that Piperlime is no longer.  I feel like we are now missing out on great finds like this blouse from last year.  Similar tops here and here.

Outfit Details:  Here

Outfit Details:  Here

Hats anyone?  
It's something I seem to want to pair with every outfit this season and unfortunately for our UPS lady, but fortunately for my hat wall, I'm not stopping here.  A few more styles and colors I have my 'lil eyes on.  Hey, at least we offer our UPS lady cold bottles of water to take in this heat.
Is that a sign we see too much of our UPS lady?

That's rhetorical, by the way.

I'm also pretty sure I don't want to wear full pants until September (maybe).  Cute dresses tempting also push for that goal.  So I'm glad I'm keeping up with my tan in a can to not blind poor strangers.
Don't worry, I turn up that sex appeal by making my husband put on rubber gloves to even out my back side that I can't see.  You're welcome for painting that picture of our wild and crazy Friday nights.

Hooray for holiday weeks, as today is my work Friday!
Cheers to a 3 day weekend!


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Chambray Shirt Dress

Chambray Shirt Dress - Similar 
Sandals - Similar here & here // Red Crossbody // Sunglasses - Similar

Happy 1st of July!!!
AKA - Brianne's birthday month!

This dress....something comfy and goes with anything type dress...if I'm in my air conditioned office, that is.  Cause woof to that heat.  The heat going on now deserves nothing more than a bikini and a kiddie pool to sit in.  
During the Winter, I will roll down the sleeves and pair it with some tights and boots. 
Nevermind that some of the guys at work as me why I decided to wear my husband's shirt to work.... 


Since when do guys know anything about women's style anyhow?
Don't even get me started on the half tucked in shirt testosterone walking around that office.

I do realize that this is another blue and red combo.  Another great inspo just in time for the 4th.  
Which is in 3 days.  I plan to float in a pool most of the day...get out to eat and grab more cold adult beverages...and then I'm back in the pool.  It's going to be a hectic day to keep up with that schedule.

What are your grand plans for the 4th of July?



Week 25 of 52

Talk about heat coming in waves around here.  We spent this last week hiding inside from the 108 degrees that wanted to make an appearance.  Bella had a grooming appointment to get all cleaned up and a little bit shorter of a trim to give her a break from her long, hot hair during the Summer.  But don't worry, not this short.
Luckily, closer to the weekend it "cooled down" to the upper 90's.

On Friday night, a couple girlfriends and I got together for dinner and a craft night.  It was such a fun time to sit, get crafty, and literally talk for hours.  I will be sharing my craft with you soon and show you where it ended up!

Saturday was a day of errands and shopping.  All day in the heat left us with very little appetite and all that sounded good for dinner was some ice cream.

Sometimes...it's not so bad to be an adult when you get to choose your own dinners.

On Sunday, it was a day date to the movies to finally see Jurassic World!  We attempted a monster pretzel, but quickly learned that are eyes are way bigger than our stomachs.  But the wine and beer still went down smooth. ;)
We absolutely loved the movie!  Definitely added to our top favorite movie lists.  Brought us back to our childhood days when the first Jurassic Park came out.  Not gunna lie, I totally cried during one scene.  Call me a dinosaur lover.
Have you seen the movie yet??

Hooray for 4th of July week!


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Instagram Roundup

 Happy, happy Friday friends!!!
Thought I'd give you a little round up of what's been going on in Insta land lately...

Showing a little bit of Summer loving with the hubby.  

This white top has become my new favorite this season.  I love the lace and crochet detailing.  Practically goes with anything.  Here I've paired it with a great pair of grey jeans.

When flowers are on sale at the store, I can't resist!  A pretty display on the kitchen table is one of my favorite things.  There is just something about fresh, colorful flowers that puts anyone in the Summer mood.

"These are the days...of the endless Summer..."  Totally singing out loud right now.  I knew I had to have this top the moment I saw it.  It's the title of mine and the Mr.'s  first dance song.  Not to mention, this soft tee is perfect for any weekend outfit.

What would an Insta roundup be without a fur baby picture thrown in there?  I love this gorgeous face!

Be sure to follow along (@bribracco) to see more of our adventures as they continue on the daily!

Cheers to the weekend!


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Red Striped Dress

Dress - Old Navy (sold out) - Similar // Hat // Tote // Sneakers

Another fun look for the 4th of July.
Red, white, and blue is always a great combo and during this time of year, I love putting together something a little festive feeling for the 4th.
I of course had to throw in something red  and wonderful, as it is my new favy color right now.  All red.  All the time.

Old Navy is definitely where it is at this Summer for dresses!  I wish this one was still in stock, but they ones way similar that are under $20!  You can't beat that kind of price.  It's when I add five of them to my shopping cart that we have a problem.


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Tie Dye Dress

Give me all the light weight cotton dresses.  
And give them to me in tie dye.  

This dress is beyond comfortable and the perfect blend of tie dye (and on sale right now!). Since when did I think I would be adding tie dye to my closet?

Since they started making adorable Summer dresses like this.
Since now.

Talk about the perfect comfy weekend piece to stroll around in or for a hot 4th of July day perhaps?  Yes, behold 4th of July look number one.  I cannot believe how quickly Summer and the 4th of July holiday has snuck up on us.  But we are ready for it.  Bring on pool lounging, bubbly, and food the whole day long.
Also throw in the back pack because I'm just getting fully in the retro spirit.  Also because anything I stuff a whole bunch of crap in and still have free range of both arms is a bonus in my book.



Week 24 of 52

For it barely being the start of Summer, I sure hit a Summer slump, if you will, last week in the blogging department.  I dunno, maybe thinking of everything we have coming up in the next few, short weeks, I just felt like doing nothing at all.  Not sure if that is the right answer to a pending busy schedule, but it's just what I felt like doing.  Ever have one of those days or weeks even?

So you can probably guess that the the weekdays were pretty uneventful.  Like, not even going to the gym uneventful.  Straight up, come home, eat dinner, get in pjs, and snuggle on the couch.

For the weekend, we decided to kick things into gear and do some things.
Friday night, we did some food trucking to support our friends food truck (Food Fix Truck) in a food truck wars event.  They won the whole event!  Well deserved because their food is one of a kind and delicious.  If you're ever in the Central California area, you have got to make a stop where ever they are that day.  I recommend their Porkstrami sandwich on a freshly baked pretzel bun.  Soooooo good.

On Saturday, I met our good friends in the morning to take pictures of their adorable family.  It's always a fun time with them and their cute kiddos.  
For the rest of the day, the little minions had returned for another round of "hide from the big ass dog" and "where else have I not pooped in their house?"  Yes, we babysat the in laws fur children while they went to a wedding.  They must feel like they are in their own version of Honey I Shrunk the Dogs because Bella's toys just keep getting bigger to them. 

Not that they don't enjoy her big chew bones.  They had a collection of them to chew on while they were over, but Aaron and I could not figure out how they get them up on the couch, as they are about the size of their whole body.

Sunday we took a little drive to my Aunt's house to meet her precious new grandbaby.  We are so happy for our Cousins and their new precious baby girl.

Is there anything more adorable than sleepy baby lips??  And I was just loving all her thick, brown hair!

This week, we are getting back into the full swing of things.  Lazy time is over.
Cheers to it officially being Summer!


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