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Shopbop Sale: Buy More Save More!

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving week if I wasn't already having a pep talk with myself that I will most likely be eating leftover pecan pie for breakfast for at least two days after the holiday.
It also wouldn't be Thanksgiving week without super awesome mega sales!!
One in particular worth mentioning is Shopbop's Buy More Save More sale!

Today through November 30th, Shopbop is giving bigger discounts for the more you buy!  This includes sale items!  This means huge savings!!
There are TONS to choose from on Shopbop, but here are just a few of my favorite areas I'm shopping around in for this awesome sale!

Accessories:  Sonix Phone Case // Plush Socks

Have fun creating that wishlist, because this is one sale you don't want to miss out on!
Remember to use code:  GOBIG15 at checkout.

Brand exclusions may apply, so please be sure to check out the terms and conditions of this sale here.

Happy Thanksgiving week!



Thanksgiving Day Outfit Ideas

It was my every intention to showcase some outfit ideas for Thanksgiving on myself, but ya know, tornadoes happen during days off, it gets dark way early now, and my pj's with a glass of red wine has seemed too tempting lately.
I know, that's enough lazy excuses for one person in a blog post.
So instead of continuing on with more, I'll share a couple of my favorite looks for Thanksgiving Day...

I think it is safe to say I have a thing going on for fringe this season.
We will be having Thanksgiving dinner at our house, so something light and airy like these tops will be perfect while cooking in the kitchen all morning.

Speaking of Thanksgiving dinner, I need to get on this whole shopping list to-do.  Because we are a week away.  A week.  How did this holiday season sneak up on us so quickly?  I  feel totally unprepared, so I need to get back on my A game because Christmas is only 5 weeks away!  Like drinking out of Starbucks red holiday cups more and hustling over to Bath and Body Works for our favorite holiday scents.

How will you be spending this Thanksgiving?



Adult Hot Cocoa For The Holidays

What makes the holidays more special for me besides tradition and extra family time, is the treats!
Explains the extra 5-7 lbs. of holiday weight I always seem to gain...
Cookies, candy, and special drinks.  I love it all.
What makes treats this time of year even better?
Festive mugs to drink them with!

You will find no other place this time of year for all things Christmas AND Star Wars related than Hallmark Gold Crown stores.  I knew the minute I saw this R2-D2 Christmas mug that it had to be in our cupboard this holiday season!  Cause you know how much we love all things Christmas....and Star Wars.

What's even better is the R2-D2 version of "Jingle Bells" that plays from the lid when you open it.  We love it!  Only at Hallmark can you find those one of a kind, special holiday keepsakes.

But this mug won't only be used for coffee this season, another fun holiday treat this will see a lot of is the most delicious adult hot cocoa for those cold Winter nights.

Here is what you will need:

1 1/2 tbsp. - Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

1 1/2 tbsp. - Sugar

1 cup - Milk

2 tbsp. - Kahlua 

- Mix the cocoa powder and sugar in a separate bowl.

- Pour the milk in a sauce pan on the stove.

- Add cocoa and sugar to milk.

- Stir and heat.

- Add the Kahlua.

- Add your favorite toppings.  
I love tons of whip cream and chocolate drizzle.

Now put on your favorite Christmas movie and sit back and enjoy!

What's a favorite holiday treat you always enjoy?

Be sure to visit your local Hallmark Gold Crown stores for everything Christmas this holiday season!


Week 45 of 52

It turned out to be quite the eventful week for us.
It started out like any other.  Work and doing things around the house.
We were excited to have the fire place on almost everyday and enjoy the cold.
Well...some of use were...

She looks like she is just casually enjoying the fire, but she is actually loudly whining and barking at it.

I also finished up going through the pictures I took of our sweet new nephew Cameron.  Isn't he just the cutest?!

Over the weekend is when the real action took place.  
Sunday, we decided to head out in the rain to enjoy a little lunch and day drinks at our favorite local restaurant.  Once we were home, we were in the garage, letting Bella run around the front while the rain stopped, and had a quick visit from my father in law.  All of the sudden, the power goes out.  No rain or anything yet.  Then, I see neighbors started to conjure out in the street with their cell phones pointed up.  We walk outside and all I here is, "Tornado!  Look!"

And I shit you not, an actual tornado was touched down.  In California.

This picture was taken right outside our house.  We could see it spinning with all kinds of stuff.
It didn't seem to be moving our way and didn't last long, so we weren't in a panic to take shelter, even though the weather on our phones said to.  Sirens were heard everywhere.  Another two smaller tornados formed and touched down right by it as well.

We just couldn't believe what we were seeing.  The scariest part was watching those huge clouds spinning in between and not knowing if a larger one was going to form.
Our power was out for about 6 hours and we had people driving around town to see what damage had been done.
Thank goodness no one was hurt or it didn't last longer and move all over the place, because this wasn't a little wind funnel cloud that blew some trees back and forth.  Fences were torn down, trees were picked up and dropped on cars and houses.  Houses and a church lost their roofs and a barn is pretty much gone.  Amazing what some that size does in just a short amount of time.

So that is the kind of crazy weather we experienced this past week.  Looking forward to some clear skies and sunshine this week!

Happy Monday!


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Winter Nights

In all truth, now that the weather has dropped below the 50's at night, the last thing I want to do is leave the house, or even have on real clothes.
Yes, I realize some of you will be buried in snow with minus temperatures very soon, but this is coming from a California girl.  Anything under 70 degrees, and I need layers.
I want to curl up in pjs, thick socks, and a blanket and watch my favorite seasonal movies.
(I'm looking at you Hallmark Channel and Harry Potter series)

Yep, a glass of some firenog, an actual fire in the fireplace, and cozy attire is our kind of Winter night.
Here are some of my favorite Winter night essentials.

If I could, I would probably wear this to the office as well.
What are your cozy Winter night essentials?

Oh, let's be honest, this is probably my weekend day wear as well.

'Tis the season!



Week 44 of 52

We are actually experiencing the seasons finally in California!
Like, I'm wearing 3 layers right now, kind of experience.
It's wonderful.

We got to see an even colder side to November, when we headed over the other side of the mountain to visit my family in Reno.
We got to see our newest nephew addition and they got to laugh at me for bitching the whole time about the "freezing" weather. 
(40 degrees people.)

We did get a gorgeous view on the drive up...

...and had cuter views after we got there...

Our newest nephew, Cameron, Niece Rylee, and Uncle Aaron.

After a quick visit, we headed back down the mountain before the snowstorm came in.  But that doesn't mean we did stop along the way and enjoy the snow for a bit.  If only you could picture the squeals of joy I made when I saw the snow.....
You would probably give me the weird side eye glance my husband did.


(P.S - My feet were freezing and I had never been more thankful for seat warmers.)

Hope you had an adventurous week too!


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Rainy Day

Rain Coat - J.Crew (sold out) - Similar here // Striped Tee Dress (old) - Similar here 

I know...rain in California...YAS!!!

You know I grabbed my Hunter boots the minute I heard those first few rain drops.  
And oh boy do we need it.  I'm looking forward to this forcasted rainy season...we are a thirsty state.

On the topic of rain boots, did anyone know about the Hunter boots price matching going on?!?!
Well, right now, if you are a Costco club member, you can score a pair of black, red, or green pair of Hunter rain boots for only $79.99!!!
Not a Costco club member or they are sold out of your size?
Do not fret my stylish friends, for a short time, Nordstrom is actually PRICE MATCHING Costco for the Hunter boots!  All you need to do is add the boots to your cart and call customer service at checkout!  Super easy!
I did ask and Nordstrom Customer Service said that they will match glossy or matte finish and short or tall length for the boots.
So hurry and score those boots $70 off!

I may or may not have another color on its way...

This jacket is another seasonal favorite.  Light weight, keeps me dry and is in a great, bright version of my oh so favorite color.
I actually got this coat in July.
But browsing the J.Crew Factory clearance...already half off with another 40% off clearance items on top of it and I just couldn't pass it up for the cooler months!  The red was calling to me.
Don't worry, the husband gave me plenty of weird side eye looks as I pranced around our house in it in 100 degree weather.