Even More Backyard Progress

Happy September!!

What seems like forever in backyard work, has actually only been 5 short months.  Our backyard has come such a long way such a short amount of time.
We did have to pause the work, as we hit some busy Summer events with work.  But how it's looking now, is we won't be but a couple more months away from calling our backyard officially done!
(well, if the water restrictions or hopeful rain permits it)

NOTE - When I mention "we" throughout this post, I mean my husband.  He has done some beautiful work in this space and put in  A LOT of time and effort to make sure it looks amazing. I'm so grateful for all of his hard work.

Now that we have all of our plants in and growing, it was time to fill in the flower beds with the rock we decided on months ago.
4 yards of it was delivered and Aaron got to work very early Saturday to shovel and wheelbarrow 9,600 lbs of rock.  9,600 lbs!!!  Lucky for him that's about a months worth of the gym he can skip.
He also has the bandaged, blistered hand to prove it.
Hey, I told him to put on gloves.

He built up little mounds with the dirt and put the rock over to add some texture in the flower beds between the plants.

The kind of rock we chose is called Woodstone.  It has a bark like look to it, but with still being a heavy rock that we wanted.  Because nothing says angry yard work than having to rake back in regular bark after a good stormy day.  Or any day for that matter really.
It has some great coloring to it and looks great with the plants.  It'll stand out even better when grass is put in.

In other backyard update news, Aaron built a fence and gate to close off the other side of the house, to keep Bella more contained when she is playing in the main backyard area and to hide the trashcans and shed that will eventually be built over there.

These lights were also installed in the flower beds.  They are solar with bluetooth technology.  So while we are outside, we can play our favorites right from our phones to the lights.  They get pretty loud too!
They look great at night all lit up in the flowerbeds.

So that's the latest progress with the backyard!
I'm hoping the next update post with be the big reveal once it's all finished.
With grass and everything!



Week 34 of 52 {in numbers}

Ten - Fingers painted.  My hands were due for a manicure clean up.  Totally obsessed with this color.

9,600 - Pounds of rock my stud of a husband moved all by himself.  The backyard is looking beautiful.

One - Gender reveal BBQ we attended.  So happy for our friends who are having a baby boy!
(and the cupcakes they used for it were ah-mazing...pumpkin and cream cheese frosting speaks my love language)

3,000 - Calories consumed.  Tacos, cupcakes, cheesy bread, bloody marys, and baked ravioli.....just to name a few.  Weekend eating is always so good.

11 - Chapters read.  I'm telling you, I can't get enough.  I look forward to finally crawling into bed and reading a couple chapters every night during the week.

Two - Visits to the chiropractor.  Yeah...learned quickly a subluxed shoulder isn't so fun.  Many more appointments to go to get it back to working order.

Happy Monday!


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August Recap

Peace out tanks, shorts, and hot ass weather.  

Hellooooo booties and layers!

Ok, so I know being in California, that it's not going to cool down that quickly, but temps coming down to the 80's next week has me welcoming September with open arms.  I'm in that end of Summer closet rut.  Where I feel like I'm just wearing the same thing over and over again until the season changes.
That ever happen to you towards the end of Summer?  Or any season for that matter?

Here's  a little recap of what I did manage to put together for the month of August.

Outfit Details - Here

Outfit Details - Here

Outfit Details - Here

Outfit Details - Here

Cheers to Friday!


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Gingham Style

Gingham Swing Tank // Shorts - Similar here // Sandals - Similar here
Hat // Tote - Similar here // Sunglasses

Let me introduce you to my repeat outfit as of late.  This lightweight swing tank is perfect to keep cool in August heat and who doesn't love a great gingham print?

I feel as Fall is closer, I've hit a road block in the Summer wardrobe department....or more like I'd rather be layering up with booties than putting on shorts and sandals.

And just for fun, because I can't possibly think of any words to say other than, "bye bye heat", I thought I would give a little more insight into these fun photo sessions of ours...

**Dislaimer** - I love my husband very much and he loves me, hence is why he takes all of my pictures for me and encourages me in everything I do.  That's what a great relationship is all about.  But we are also not perfect and sometimes these little photo sessions can annoy the shit out of him and can bring a little 'tude out of me.

Just keeping it real.
Plus, we find it rather hilarious.

Husband - "Don't lean back so far"
(Brianne leans back even farther)
Husband - "When I say 'don't lean back so far' why would you lean back even farther?!?"

Brianne - "Ok, well we are going to have to take those over again because you didn't tell me I look like a f***ing elf with my hair tucked in behind my ears like that.

Husband - (clicking away on the camera)
Brianne - "Can you wait until my shorts aren't riding up my crotch and the wind isn't blowing my hair in my mouth??"

Brianne - "Why do you keep backing away from me?!"
Husband - "Because you want your whole body in the frame and if you keep moving towards me, then I have to move away!"

(after 148 photos taken)
Brianne - "Ok, I guess that will do"
Husband - "I don't know why we take so many....you will only use like 5....it's too hot for this shit."

Don't worry, there's a lot of love there...but I'm particular and he can get impatient.
But I love him for what he does for me and always give him credit to people as my amazing photographer.  

Hope you all are having a great week so far!


Facts About Lacey

Not that I like to talk about such things on this little space of mine, but today I want to talk about something a little more darker...something that goes bump in the night....something that can stare into your soul....a terrible (and rather large) shadow....something that puts the fear in us when things aren't just right....

That's right,
I'm talking about our cat.

Ok, so she's not really that evil....even kind of cute and snuggly when she wants to be.  So today I thought it was her turn to share some funny, quirky, and even obscure facts.

-  She's been my cat for about 13 years now (she ages well).  When my parents moved to Reno, I wanted to keep her here with us.  Aaron wasn't too keen on having a cat joining our household...until she became his cat.  Now she wants nothing to do with me and sleeps on his chest every night.

-  She will eat anything.  ANYTHING.  Her favorites include, but are not limited too:  crackers, lunch meat, string cheese, hot dogs, deep fried turkey, getting into pizza, and donut boxes.

-  She's fat.  Like, her front pack sways as she walks, fat.  And she flaunts it.

-  She is the most talkative cat I've ever seen.  If you ask her a question, she will answer it.  She is most talkative at 5:30 am as we are getting ready for work.  Just sits in the middle of our bathroom and has a full on conversation with us.

- She sleeps in Bella's dog house more than Bella.

-  Whatever you are working on, if it's at her level, she needs to be sitting right in the middle of it.  Wrapping presents or putting on my shoes is always fun with her.

-  She sleeps eeerr, I would say, roughly 23 out of the 24 hours in a day.

-  When Aaron does any work in or outside of the house, she becomes our job site supervisor.  If  he is pulling weeds, she is walking right along the whole yard with him.  Has to make sure he is doing it to her standard for when she wants to sleep in the middle of it later.  She also wanted to be right in the middle of all the cement work the guys did.  It was her, not the 80 lb dog, that I had to keep tabs of to make sure she didn't go out there.

-  She loves to give Bella facials with her tongue and will literally hold Bella's face down until she is done if Bella moves too much.

-  She rubs her face on EVERYTHING!  I am constantly wiping down dirt grime from doors and cabinet corners.  She is one nasty beezy.

- She hunts dove like a champ.  Then brings it to our back door and rips it apart.  Thanks Lacey.

-  Outside is her favorite place to be.  She will stay in our backyard for hours and just sunbath or lay under her favorite bush.

-  She is truly one of a kind.

Does anyone else have a quirky kitty like ours?



Week 33 of 52

It's officially Fall for me.  I know, now I'm just getting on your nerves with all my Fall talk, but we bought our first (of many) of our favorite Sam Adams Oktoberfest and it was everything I've been waiting for all year long.
Let's just say we celebrated with pizza and beer, of course, Friday night.  Along with an exceptionally early bed time for a Friday night.

When we party, we party hard.

Leading up to the weekend wasn't anymore eventful.  No weekday date nights, no errands, just hanging out at home after work and unwinding from our days.
I know I've mentioned it before, but this series has me in a reading frenzy.  My favorite moments during the week was our girl reading sessions.  Mamma reads her smut and Bella Bear takes advantage of the empty side of the bed until Daddy comes in.

Moving right along to the weekend....
Even though our initial plans were cancelled, we got an invitation from Aaron's boss and his wife to join them for a 2nd Amendment fundraising dinner at our local community center.  Because who doesn't love a chance to win a bunch of free guns and good BBQ?  Plus, any chance to help out our community is a plus for us.  We love our little town.
I know your burning questions..."Well?!  Did you win a gun?!?" 
That would be a no.  We didn't win didly.  Not like we have anymore room in our safe anyway...

The funny thing that did happen during the dinner, (which has never happened to me before so it was so funny)  a few more of the husband's boss and his wife's friends were coming to join us at their table and as she waited by the front for them, I see a women walk in to talk to her wearing the exact same kimono I was wearing!  I point it out to Aaron how funny that was and then said "that would be hilarious if she sits at our table with us".  So guess what happened?  Over she walks to sit at our table and the first thing we did was complement each other on our great taste.  Haha.  It was definitely the topic of the night at our table.  I changed about two different times before I settled on that kimono too.  

We had to get a picture.

Sunday we did some organizing around the house and spent some time out taking a leisurely family stroll around the neighborhood.  Well, we were leisurely.  Bella was a running free maniac at the park and ran up and down the playground.

Also, if anyone can attempt this recipe and manage to come out with something different other than the burnt and horrible mess that came out of our oven, then please be sure to share.
I was due for a recipe fail anyway.  Gotta switch it up from the stuff I don't mess up.
Keep it interesting. 
Good thing we have a taco truck only a couple miles down the road.

Happy Monday!


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Instagram Roundup

Happy Friday friends!!!
Kicking off the weekend will a little roundup of what's been going on in IG land...

Probably my favorite bag in my closet.  So perfect for Summer.  I also can't get enough of these sandals.  They go with everything.

(from top left to bottom right)

Guess you can say I've added a little bit to my hat wall.  Now the best wall in my office.  Hoping to share that completed room tour soon!

Denim Vest - Similar // Floral Dress // Sunglasses

I couldn't resist this dress for it's Summer vibes and for only $12!  I love it with my denim vest, but as it gets cooler I see my denim jacket or my black moto jacket going with it.

My around the house wear.  Nothing comfier.  I love anything distressed.

Cozy Sunday reading time.  I've been obsessed with this book series lately!  If you liked reading 50 Shades just a little bit, then you will loooove the Crossfire series.  I just hope you don't blush too easily. (I may have a time or two)

A good 'ole fashioned selfie.  When the heat takes your breath away and you are running on your 2nd day with dry shampoo.  

Have a fabulous weekend!


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