Friday, October 24, 2014

5 Tips For Hair Growth

I don't think it's been too much of a secret around here that I've been growing out my hair for about the past year. 
I have to say, I think I've impressed myself with how fast and healthy it has been growing and I loooove it!  And I even want it longer!  Straight mermaid status.
Here's a couple comparison pictures just so you can see the progress over just a year...

October 2013 on the left - October 2014 on the right

End of September 2013 on the left - October 2014 on the right

I've had people ask numerous questions about what I've done to get my hair to grow out the way it has been and honestly...I don't have any special formula or awesome growth pill that I take...I just set up a couple guidelines for myself and they seem to work well for me, so I thought I'd share them with you all.

1. No Haircuts  - Yep.  I know that may be blasphemy to some of you and I get it.  I was one of those who had to have her hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks.  But I wanted to let all those layers grow out and after a little research, I found I don't have to have my hair trimmed in order for it to grow.  Your hair grows from your scalp, yes, hair does split a little, but not enough to affect growth too much and if its taken care of, there won't be much splitting at all.  However, once I reach my goal hair length, I do plan on going back for regular light "dustings" for maintenance.

2.  Diet - What goes in must come out.  Even through your hair follicles.  I say about 80% of my meals are high in protein meals, with little to no carbs on the side.  But after looking further into it, I narrowed down the foods I would start eating more to help with my hair growth.  Salmon is a regular dinner selection for me.  It contains those omega-3's that are great for hair growth and the high proteins, also in shrimp and chicken, help growth, thickness (which strengthens to help with split ends), and natural sheen.  

3.  Hardly Wash Your Hair - Ew?  I know.  Sorry to admit, but I wash my hair about every 3 days.  Dry shampoo has become my hair bestie.  It's so important for your hair to produce those natural oils to help naturally nourish your hair follicles and strands.  When I do wash it, I don't use any special shampoo and conditioner.  Just good 'ole fashioned Head and Shoulders 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner.  Just makes my scalp feel super clean.  I also give my hair roots a little massage for a few minutes when I work in the shampoo.  Ya know, give them a little stimulation wake up call to get to growing.

4.  Limit Heat Exposure - I never blow dry my hair anymore.  I let my hair air dry after every wash.  This meant changing my hair washing to the evenings for better planning.  When I wake up in the morning, my hair is dry and ready to be styled.  I also choose about 2 days a week where I don't use a curling iron or the straightener at all on my hair.  Gives it a rest from heat, cause I'm a daily hair straightener and/or curler.  So those days see top knot buns, side braids, hats, etc.

5.  Choose Helpful Products -

Dry Shampoo - Again, me and dry shampoo are like this (insert fingers crossed tightly here).  I love Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo.  It smells great and doesn't leave that thick white residue that's hard to rub out of your hair.  Just a light little layer.  It's perfect for my non hair wash days...and it looks like it was washed that morning after I use it.  
Thermal Spray - A great one to use on the days heat is applied to your hair.  If you straighten or curl as much as I do, at least it has some protection.  I use Not Your Mother's Beat The Heat Thermal Spray and oh goodness....let me tell you about this spray...not only does it do a fabulous job at heat smells DIVINE.  All day long.  My husband even complimented on how great my hair smelled with it in....that's kind of a big deal.

So those are the little tips and tricks I've learned to help with my hair growth...and they have all played their little part in helping my hair grow tremendously this past year.

What are some of your tips for hair care that you love?


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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Favorite Insta Editing Tools

Totally not going to play it off like all my pictures I take via the iPhone turns out beautifully bright or that I naturally have a great filter over me.
I edit about 99.5% of all of my Instagram photos and today I wanted to share my favorite applications for editing my Instagram photos.  I don't use that many, but I absolutely love the ones I do use and use them on the daily.

1.  AfterLight - This is my go to for almost every picture I post to Instagram.  Even though I try to take picture with as much natural light available as possible, the brightening tool is the best to give any picture that brighter effect without distorting the picture.  I also love their filter style selections when I'm in the filtering mood.

2.  PicFrame - This one is so easy to navigate and perfect for when I want to post multiple pictures in a single Instagram post, like for my outfit pictures.

3.  InstaSize - As wonderful as Insta is, let's face totally bugs you when after 150 takes, you get a picture that suits your liking.  You get it all brightened/edited, go to post it on Instagram and what happens?  Half of the totally awesome picture you love gets cut off!  That's where this app is great to take that fantastic picture and crop it perfectly for the Insta square requirements.

4.  Instagram - Believe it or not, in a few of the updates Instagram has had lately, they've added some great editing tools.  So from time to time, I'll edit my photos right in Insta itself.

What are some other favorite Instagram editing tools out there that you love?

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bella Bear is TWO

Our Bella Bear is two years old today!
Seems just like yesterday we were bringing that 8 week old, grunting ball of fluff home.
I had to capture all the fun our big girl brings to us...
...and I'm pretty sure it also brought me to a whole new level of crazy dog mom status.

Happy Birthday Baby Bear!
Mamma, Daddy, and Kitty Sissy Lacey 
(pay no mind to the paw swipes..she does love you)


Shirt // Jeans - Similar // Boots - Similar Style // Crossbody

Combat boots have been something I've been eyeing since last Fall and I'm so happy to finally add a pair to the 'ole closet! (thank you DSW and your wonderful coupon deals and free shipping)
With a good plaid and/or vest...I see these getting lots of use this season.  
It feels amazing now that I can finally wear a plaid shirt and not have to roll up the sleeves mid day...cooler weather is here folks!

I figure with all this hair I suddenly have going on now, I should start doing fun things with it...I grew it out for this exact purpose.  I still have a few inches to go before I reach my "goal", but I'm totally diggin the length.  Messy buns that actually stay, long mermaid curls, side braids that actually look like a side braid.....loving it...why oh why did I chop it off for so long??

Hope you all have got your costumes squared away...cause Halloween is in 9 days!!!
......and Thanksgiving is in 36 days.
..............................and Christmas is in 63 days


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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What I Love About Tuesdays

- It's not Monday.

- Taco Tuesdays.

- Two for Tuesday on our local classic rock radio station.

- New episodes of Chrisley Knows Best.

- It's 3 days closer to Friday.

- Wine Tuesdays....errrrrr...that's everyday, really.

- Sleepy Hollow and Big Bang DVR catch up.

- Giveaway Tuesdays.....

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Jackie ~ Our Nashville Life // Kelly ~ Six One Six
Shelly ~ Behind Blue Eyes // Cat ~ Oddly Lovely // Melany ~ Melany's GuyDlines
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Kimberly ~ p.s. remember this....// Brainne ~ Being Bracco // Helene ~ Helene in Between

Monday, October 20, 2014

Our Weekend

How is it Monday already?  

I had been looking forward to this past weekend for a little while now.  You see, my in laws recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.  What a milestone!  They were suppose to take a weekend out of town, but instead, decided they wanted to spend an evening with their kiddos and spouses at a nice dinner.  How sweet is that?

My sis in law and I couldn't let that be it for their anniversary, so we decided to surprise them with one of their favorite cakes.

We had it all set up....the cake was brought in early and the wait staff was instructed to not even offer dessert, but to just present this cake at the end of the meal.  Of course not everything goes perfect to plan....The waitress asked who's birthday it was cause that's what was noted on the reservation...then waitress take the Mr. aside on his way back from the restroom cause she was all confused and he didn't know what was going on too much, so the sis in law and I had to excuse ourselves to the restroom..for a single stall suspicious did that look?  
It was something out of a sitcom I tell ya...but it all worked out and they were so pleasantly surprised.  
Then we laughed about how comical the night was just for this dang cake, until tears were rolling down our face...a few drinks will help with that too.

The food was phenomenal and the company was perfect.  Couldn't think of a better way to celebrate two of the most wonderful, loving, and caring people we know.

The rest of the weekend consisted of lots of house work...not gunna lie, kinda impressed with how much we got done outside and inside.
So naturally, after all that work, this is what our down time looked like...

Cheers to your week friends!


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Friday, October 17, 2014

Weekly Style: Feeling Fall

Would you look at that?  Mostly closed toed shoes and actual sleeves people!  Cooler weather is upon us!  Still a bit sad I'm not rockin the puffer vests yet like most of the country, but it will cool down soon enough.
Almost every night this week, we've had doors and windows open to let the crisp air in the house.  And I even  actually made chili and cornbread for the first time this season.  It was everything we've hoped for...hope our crock pot(s) are ready for some cookin....cause we are ready for some cooler weather eatin!

This is basically my weekly work style.  Hallelujah for business casual, because casual is my M-O.  Be surprised I'm actually wearing a wedge in the last picture...That casual.
But I will be getting a little more dressed up tonight as we enjoy a fancy meal with the family.  I see amazing food, wine, and lots of laughs happening the next few hours...
The rest weekend will be more casual as I get down to some nitty gritty items that need attention around the house and finishing the extension of Bella Bear's dog run.  Apparently she needs more sure is hard being a spoiled princess.  What's even harder to fathom is that I will actually be out there with the Mr. doing some of the manual labor as well...
Good thing booze will be near.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!