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Lace Up Tee

Lace Up Tee (comes in multiple colors!) // Denim // Booties - Look for less - HERE
Fringe Crossbody Bag // Sunglasses - Similar (only $12!)

When you find something you like so much...you buy it in more than one color!
This oh so comfortable lace up tee ended up in my shopping cart so fast after I stumbled upon it.  The perfect tee to dress up  or down.  I wore this ensemble for a fun girls birthday dinner one night and I have it in the grey also, that I easily paired with jeans and sandals for a more casual weekend look.

I did have to hold myself back from going completely crazy and buying all the colors...I need to learn some restraint here.
The fabric is so soft and breathable.  I need to remind myself not to be wearing these tops everyday, they are that comfy.

Happy Monday!


Red Cold Shoulder

Red Cold Shoulder Top - Top Shop (last year) - However I found few recent very similar tops!  
And one is under $18!!

Similar tops:  Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, and Here!

Distressed Denim - Similar Here // Panama Hat // Tote Bag //
 Lace Up Sandals (currently 30% off!)

Off the shoulder all..season..long!
I got this top last Summer, but link so many great similar options too!  And who doesn't love a great pop of color??
I always find myself reaching for the reds lately when I want a great pop of color.  Some people feel red can be hard to style, but I feel the exact opposite.  So many great neutral tones that go with it.  A great nude, cognac, or black for a fun evening look.  Or a white bottom for an even great color pop!

The perfect weekend outfit!  But how cute is this for an even more casual look with distressed denim shorts?  So many great options for styling this fun red number!

Happy Friday!


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Favorite Lip Products

One thing about me is that I'm horrible at routines for my hair, skin, nails, etc.  I think because for so long I just got away with lotion every now and then, or simply $2 moisturizer and the occasional facial toner for cleansing.  Heck, half the time I didn't even take off my make up from the day.  

Well now that I'm, dare I say it, getting older.... my body is changing in so many ways* (*see:  I eat one Doritos and my pants are tight for a week).
My skin used to just be dry in the cooler months and now it's dry all. year. long.  I am constantly applying lotion to my hands and the same goes for my lips as well.
I can't believe just within the last couple of years how much I've noticed my lips getting dry, peeling, cracking, and even bleeding.  Ew.  It doesn't feel good and I feel bad for offering up those kind of  smooches.

As apart of starting to really focus on myself and taking better care of my skin, the lips went right along with it.  About the time I did my whole make up overhaul, I researched products just for the lips to keep them looking great.  And I found the perfect combo that has helped my lips immensely!

First, in the morning and before bed, I apply this lip exfoliator.  It gives the lips a great scrub of all the dry skin and crud.  It looks just like a tube of lipstick so it is super simple to apply.  Then I take a small portion of a wet washcloth and wipe them down.  This leaves my lips feeling so soft and smooth!

Then, I pump a tiny dot of this lip moisturizer and spread it all over my lips and edges of my mouth.  It gives my lips a great hydrated feeling.  What's even better is it doesn't have a taste and it even helps lessen the gunk line that builds up when I wear lip gloss.  Because I know every woman will say that is a common lip gloss pet peeve!

This combo has definitely done their job in making my lips feel so much better.  I can't remember the last time they were this hydrated and soft.

Also, for keeping the lips looking and feeling great on the days I'm not wearing my favorite lip gloss, I lather some of this Aquaphor Lip Repair on and it does a great job!  A girlfriend of mine told me about this after I told her I can't find any chapstick/gloss that works or I like for the daily use on my lips.  Well, it's amazing and I don't think I will use anything else now!

Do your lips get as bad as mine do?
Any other daily products you love just as much??



Embroidered Blue Floral Dress

I know probably  most of you are no stranger to seeing this particular color dress this season.  And for good reason!
The color is absolutely vibrant and flattering on pretty much anyone!  The embroidery detail is perfect in all the places on the dress and adds the best feminine touch.  Also, the cut of this dress so great and flowy that I'm considering going back for another color!   They can just keep releasing new colors every year in this dress and I'm pretty sure I'd end up with almost all of them if I could.

For reference, I am 5'3 and a size small fits me perfectly.

And these sandals.... oh how it took me a while to finally find a pair of gladiator sandals I knew I had to have.  I think the trend had me stand offish at first, I'd always find one excuse why not to buy a pair, but I loooooved them on everyone else!  These ones had me hooked instantly.  The color, the lace up, the zip back....I had no way of talking myself out of it.  You can also bet I already had about 15 different outfits in my mind I was going to wear them with before I bought them.  
So you can guarantee that you will be seeing this quite a bit this season.

I will say that I am not big on always listening to reviews and tend to stick true to my size and/or product measurements.  However, I went with one review advice and I'm glad I did.  I ordered a whole size down in these sandals.  I would have been swimming in them if I stuck with my true size 8, so I recommend sizing down...especially if your calves are slimmer.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!
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Green Off The Shoulder Dress

Dress - Topshop - This dress sells out super fast! - Similar version here

Lace Up Sandals - old - Similar Here - Another similar option here (and under $15!!!)

Crossbody Bag - Old - LOVE this similar version! // Sunglasses 

Everyone, I'd like you to meet my new favorite dress this season...well, I really should say that anything off the shoulder is going to be my favorite this season...  : /
But I was complete heart eyes for this dress as soon as I saw it.
The color is the perfect shade of green that I love and the embroidery detailing is so cute!

This dress sells out super quick though!  I literally stalked it online for days before I snagged it!  So if your clothing stalker skills aren't like mine, (I mean really....I think I need another useful hobby...) I also linked another totally adorable similar version.

Happy Friday!!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!



Weekend Casual

^^^ I think I'm going to start spelling my name out for them when I order...I will say they always get so creative when trying to guess.  Lol

This is the official Spring weekend uniform right here!  I am a sucker for a good, basic tank and we can all agree that grey is a neutral now.
These sandals are also so great with any type of casual or more dressy outfit really.  

It also made me realize how much I need to get these pants hemmed.  How is it that some "ankle" or "cropped" fit always seem to be way longer on me?  Does the jean length conundrum ever happen to you?  

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1 Piece, 3 Ways: Panama Hat

It's no secret that I love me some hats.  I have a whole hat wall displayed in my office.  So I am always looking for any change to add a hat to my outfits.

There is one hat in particular that I always reach for during the Spring and Summer months...and that's my panama hat.  I pretty much want to pair it with everything.
So I thought that would be the perfect piece for this month's 3 ways post!  3 of the many, many different ways I love to wear a great panama hat.


 Panama Hat // Chambray Shirt - Similar here // Distressed White Jeans - Less expensive option - Here //

Nothing says a classic, simple outfit, then a button up chambray shirt and a great pair of white denim.  The hat just finishes off this easy look and you're ready for the day!


Panama Hat // Drop Waist Dress - Old - Similar Here (on sale under $25!) // Jean Jacket // 
Neon Crossbody - Similar here & here // Sandals 

For those casual nights for drinks on a restaurant patio or listening to music.  This is a great outfit to top off with a hat on a warmer Spring or cooler Summer night.


 Panama Hat // Striped Tee - GAP - Sold Out - Similar Here // 
Distressed BF Shorts - Old Navy - Last Year - Similar Here // 

Distressed boyfriend shorts and a comfy tee?!  Sign me up!  The perfect weekend get up for being outside at home or running errands around town.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are having a wonderful week!